How to get started writing simple applications

I need some direction please. I want to write a carb counter / database application for my touch phone. I am an experienced programmer but I have no experience on this phones os. Can someone please give me a step by step on how to setup some tools to develop an application? What tools do I need to download, etc... How do I compile and transfer the code? Does a VB type envirhonment exist? How about Java? Or what else?
This is for me to manage my diabetic sugar levels and not for comercial purposes, so all help is appreciated.



  • At the moment, Flash Lite applications are the only possibility. We have had a lot of luck overwriting the EZTipCalc and World Clock program with games, no reason you couldn't take that route for a small app.
  • Could you be more specific on how to start using this approach? What tools do you use? What are the steps to do this overwrite process?
    etc.... Thanks
  • Although I've done some programming, I really don't have experience with Flash, other than adjusting some wallpaper animations.
    There are a few other people on this site who do some work in Flash. I would say the first place to start might be taking apart the two programs I mentioned above that are already on the phone and see what makes them tick.
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    just for my own curiosity, did you check verizon apps online?
  • I was looking online but of course I want to do it my way! Somebody must have some specific how to get started writing apps for this device. A lot of power in this device just waiting to be tapped!
  • Unfortunately regular apps must go through Verizon. We have not come up with a way of tapping into the brew system yet, although some people are working on it. Flash, so far, is the only way we've been able to mod the phone. I'd recommend reading some of the threads and trying that angle.
  • i agree with it having untapped potential. quinns approach sounds like your best bet
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