What was your last phone?

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Just curious: what phone are you upgrading from? Were you formerly on Verizon, or did you switch from another carrier?


  • Been with verizon for almost 6 years had many phones but most recent were voyager (with latest firmware update) and 8700
  • I am getting the EnV Touch later this week when my verizon store restocks. I am currently using a Samsung SCH-i730. It's a good phone, just doesn't have a camera and is outdated. I'm very excited about going from no camera, to the 3.2 that's on the touch.
  • Just picked up the EnV Touch yesterday. Comming from the EnV 1; my favorite phone to date. Liking it so far, getting used to my first touch-scrn.
  • I've been with Verizon for a little over 4 years. My last phone was a p.o.s. Motorola KRZR, and I'm quite pleased with my upgrade.
  • I have been with Verizon for forever and don't plan on leaving as long as they continue their awesome service. My last phone was an LG 8600. Seems like I have never had anything but LG phones, and I have loved all of them. I was hoping the 8600 would have better media player functionality, but was impressed with the phone overall. I really was set on trying a Samsung this time around. I ran a 3rd party cellphone store that carried new and used phones from most carriers for about 2 years. In that time I grew to believe that Samsung made the best quality phones across the board. However, once I looked at my upgrade options, I realized that this was my best option for a phone that did not require a data plan. I have only had the phone for two days, but have to say that this is hands down the best phone I have ever owned, and one of the best phones I have ever handled. Once again, LG has managed to thoroughly please.
  • been with Verizon and just updated from env2
  • Last Verizon phone was an LG Chocolate, kind of a POS in my opinion. Keys started to fail, batt crapped out, no real good features.
  • I am coming from an env1 I dont like that they moved the space bar but I think I can get used to it
  • Most recent phone was the LG voyager. before that it was a piece of junk LG phone, a Razr, and a samsung basic flip phone that was simple but awesome. The voyager had alot of bugs and this new Touch has some too that hopefully software updates take care of.
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    I had a Voyager. For those of you who don't know verizon has a policy where if you go through a certain amount of phones in a certain amount of time, they will give u a free new phone (as long as its pretty much comparable)...i had nearly 6 voyager's in a 1 year span (since each one they replaced seemed to have another bug) and they replaced my Voyager for free w/o having to do a new 2 year contract. Loving my VX11000 so far! has some great updates to the voyager.
  • haha i did the same thing. except i only went through 3 phones.
  • Last phone was the KRZR
  • At first, i had a crappy LG 6000, that was my first phone, then upgraded to Moto Razr, (went through about 7-8 or so in 1 year), and then i finally upgraded to LG 9400, (Iron Man phone), and then finally the EnV Touch :D. I was trying to get the EnV in green or silver, but never really gotten it. Thumbs up for verizon on making the Touch!!
  • I came over from Helio. I had the Ocean for the last 2 years. it was a sweet phone when it first came out but, Helio never stepped up to the plate and improved the phone. The EnV Touch is an awesome phone. I'm just sad i lost the ability to use my flash on my camera as a flash light... :(
  • I had the Voyager before the EnV touch. Was having problems with it,if you want to do anything besides make calls or text I would not get the Voyager!!
  • Been with verizon for a long time.

    Had the voyager before this.
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    I had the Lg 9400
    I loved that phone, i got it like 2 1/2 yrs ago and it was still in pretty good condition
    I guess i was sad to give it up, until my new touch arrived in the mail!
    I dont even know where my 9400 is anymore
  • I agree with you Rogue. I just put it back in the original box. It can come back to life if the Touch is not working out for us lol. The 9400, became my third phone that i had to replace. I also have the Razr and the 6000 too..
  • Yeah, and back to your earlier comment
    When i saw iron man and him doing the video chat i went home and tried to figure out how to do that (to no success)
    They got me again with their movie magic! :)
  • i have the allias right now i cant wait till i get the touch
  • Lol. I agree Rogue, I think it is movie magic. I don't think there is a way unless you hack it.
  • Always with Verizon. My last phone was a LG Venus, really nice phone. The enV Touch is my 3rd LG phone and I sware by them, great quality phones.
  • I had the samsung juke when i first got it it was cool. then all these cool phones started coming out and i hated it but i am loving my touch can't get enough of it.
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    Samsung Trace on T-mobile. It is wonderful to always have a signal and people can actually hear me on the other end with Verizon.
    *giggles* My wife and I ordered the Samsung Trance when we signed up for Verizon. They were offering it free and the Trace was a great phone so I figured the Trance would be great also (only one extra letter, right?). We returned those hunk-a-junks like our lives depended on it and fell in love with the Touch at first sight in the Verizon store. 30 day return policies are fantastic! >:-)
  • I was on Verizon, using a Razr which finally broke down after 2.5 years. I waited a while to get a new one (the silence was calming to me and infuriating to my acquaintances), and the day I cracked and got a new phone was apparently like the launch day for the enV Touch. I've been wanting an Android phone pretty badly for a while, but for now the Touch is definitely serving its purpose with style and grace.
  • motorola krazr, and all i can say is..........WOw!
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    Had the Chocolate vx8500, Chocolate Flip vx8600, enV2 and now the Touch. I really liked the enV2 and Flip 8600. Tried out the Voyager and Dare as well, both were decent phones. But the Touch definitely is the best of the lot.
  • I had the Nokia n75. (I was with AT&T before my parents owned our verizon store)

    The dumbest smartphone ever made.
  • WithAbandon: Same here! I had the Razr for about 2 and half years as well and it just died last month. Lost all of my contacts and photos too.

    But! I am now madly in love with my Touch. It's fantastic.
  • the only thing i miss about the krazr is the fact i only had to charge it once or twice a week! keep in mind minimal texting and calls only, no data. but the battery was dieing in the last week.....perfect timing!
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