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I noticed that there was a Mobile Email update today. Of course I updated in hopes of getting a new feature, or them fixing something. But I was very disappointed when I found that the only thing changed was the UI was redesigned slightly, (really nothing big), and now the emails display the right date/time stamp (which they should have had from the start). My question is has anybody else found anything useful with the new update?


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    Curious, even before this update, my phone does not alert me to new emails. I'm using gmail. I also have V8 software. I reinstalled mobile email today and no difference. Alert is set to anytime. Anyone with any ideas?

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  • I turned off alerts a few months back because they are so unreliable I decided they are useless. If something is important enough that I need an alert, I set it to send me a text message using the email.

    I saw the Mobile Email update this morning and got excited. I was hoping links in emails would work. The only real difference I've noticed is the font size for messages seems larger. I can't say enough about how awesome the Polaris browser is, though. One of the webmail sites I use wouldn't work with the old browser, but works perfectly in the new one. I like how quickly I can check mail with Mobile Email, but beyond that it pretty much sucks.
  • The biggest advantage for me is I have 4 accounts I check between personal, work and volunteer stuff and the mobile e-mail client makes swapping to another account painless. I only have simple response capabilities and I hate that it does not download my e-mail contacts but uses my personal ones on my phone, but for my needs it is a million times faster.
  • The update makes the account screen red... and pretty.. thats cool i guess....
  • I have used the mobile e-mail app since I got the phone. I would just be happy if it were not so buggy. Have my settings set and maybe works 1/3 of the time telling me when I have an e-mail. Kind of a pain.
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    it would be nice if you could actually use it like real far as im concerned, its only good for reading and deleting emails
  • is it just me, or when I click next page on an email, it reduplicates the the first page of the message?
  • Yep, it just adds a few more lines to it. And just like V941726 said, it is best used to read and delete e-mail. I have had several e-mails undelivered that I sent from my phone. Kind of weird.

    I have one account that I have set to alert me between 9am and 9pm and it never tells me that I have new e-mail. My other account does once in a while and they are through the same provider. Go figure.
  • Mine's not showing an update, anyone know what the newest version is?
  • Mine is say 3.13.1 for the version. I know I updated mine about 6 weeks ago and the newer version is worse than the old one. If this is how VZW is going to do their Apps then we are all in for a headache. I am not sure what bunch of 3rd graders they have coding, but it seems they are lacking both Quality Control and Testing departments.
  • I just noticed that after the update that I can open picture attachments now.
  • i got an alert that there was an upgrade available today. i'm updating now. if i find anything worth while i'll post again.
  • I just checked and I don't show any updates for my mobile email. Let us know what your version is after updating and any changes.
  • - no significant changes but i don't use it all that much so i wouldn't notice unless it was major.
  • This is one of those glaring moments where VZW is once again hanging their heads. How can one member get an update for a program and yet others are not. I have been checking for this every few hours with no update available.
  • Because the people saying they have been updated is because they got the mobile email before the update. People who cant get the email update are because they got the program after it was updated.
  • I guess you lost me there. I have version and so there should be in theory an update to the mobile e-mail. Especially if there is someone who was notified of an update to
  • when they get to v4 it might be worth it...haha
  • True for sure. I am guess that their PR dept has Quadruple the budget of their QC department or their R&D department.
  • i think you hit the nail on the head with that one njv...
  • Thats odd, our department here was never notified of the update.
  • what dept. is that aj?
  • My local Verizon department here that my Organization works with.
  • you have a verizon store where you work, or do you work for verizon. or is it none of my business? i mean, can you just walk over and get your phone swapped out and upgraded and all that good stuff?
  • I have an Organizational affiliate with Verizon where we exchange information and what not. Local store option however it is Corporate owned.
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