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got a new phone the other day [screen started freezing when my morning alarm went off, realized it the day i was 30 mins late...] and decided to do the vz nav hack again since it has come in handy (not $10 worth but what can ya do?) noticed that there has been an update to vz nav as well as the mobile email app. looks better and so far is a little more accurate...gets the actual address i'm at when i'm stationary and not somewhere a block away! seems to be missing the location info feature, which was handy for checking the time without stopping navigation, and the 'follow me map.' now has a 'content carousel' for weather, entertainment, dining, etc. and location sharing..... not sure what else yet but if anybody decides to spend $10 more to update vznav then keep posted on changes...


  • they did take out all the good stuff..it was more of a downdate but a little prettier
  • I've had the Nav app for several phones now. I personally like the upgraded version. It's much cleaner looking.
  • cleaner, yes. lacking features, yes
  • What more features do you need? It gets you from point A to point B very accurately. That's the whole idea of the app.
  • It is possible to get 4.5 back if you hate 5.0! The new UI was too small to read from a distance. I really do prefer 4.5 now. If you are interested, delete 5.0 and download a free app called "Get It Now Search". Search for "Navigator", go to "Applications", and from there you can get 4.5! Of course, any hackers here will need to rehack it (and thus risk a charge).
  • I'm fine with 5 but probably because I never had 4.5. OH well...I just like having it for free. I'm not picky when something is free.
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