It's getting close to that time! that's right, i get an upgrade and a new phone YAY!, only problem is i don't know which phone to get... I had the Omnia2 in mind but a friend of mine has a Droid and told me i should get it so we can be droid buddies, he's kinda lame but those are my choices, which phone do you guys think is better and which would be more hack friendly?

is it just me? or is it not complete BS! that you have to pay an extra $30 on top of a $59.99/MO plan for a data package just because its a smart phone, my car insurance is less than my cell phone bill, and i have a sports car. wtf verizon?


  • verizon is an anti-trust suit waiting to happen! but i think you only have to pay the $30 EXTRAEXTRAEXTRAEXTRAEXYTRA....oh sorry..something crazy happened to my mind coordinating properly when i started thinking of verizon and money at the same time..

    personally, im eying that soon to be outrageously overpriced htc incredible...but i have to play with it 1st...i wanted the droid badly til i played with it...texting alone would have sucked.
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    btw, the $60/mo is for when you use their wan card(air card) to get internet anywhere..thats why they dont like tethering
  • thats why i think they charge the $30 fee. to split the the difference for the tetherers...they cant stop it yet, so they gouge
  • Every company charges $30/mo don't they?

    And I suggest you wait a little while for the HTC Incredible to come out before you get your new phone. Rumors say it will be here in 1-2 weeks, but I would wait at least a month if it's not out in those 2 weeks.
  • i agree hobo..ya gotta resist that quick temptation to run out and grab the hyped up ones..i almost did that with the droid..glad i didnt. the 1-2 week rumors have been flying for a month now..haha.

    im not certain if they all charge the $30.. do they? anyone? i guess i dont bother looking elsewhere cuz im stuck with 4 lines constantly with vzw
  • mine was $35 extra if i got a smartphone. if there wasnt a $35 fee then i would have gotten a smart phone........
  • Ok, so i found out that if and when i do decide to go to a smartphone it will be $89.99/Mo and since i get a 17% discount which takes $15 off off of that my bill comes to about $74/mo which is is what I'm paying now after taxes... so $74/mo plus taxes would be roughly between 80-85/mo and that's only a ten dollar difference from what I'm paying now so now Its back to deciding which phone to get... The Droid, Omnia2, or what else is newer and better by the time I'm ready to upgrade? Phone suggestions guys?
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