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just making an observation. i've had my touch for about 5 mos. now and enjoy having the coverflow like thing with the music player. searched the forum and was surprised that no one has mentioned this. makes the phone stand out.


  • whats coverflow?
  • when the phone shows you any cover art that you have associated with your music files. youtube can probably show it better than i can explain.
  • somebody was mentioning something like that here the other day
  • i must have missed it. i was retagging my music files today and thought of that.
  • i think it was keepvid or was recent though. a search should find it
  • its not under keepvid or music player, but no big deal. like i said before,just making a comment. i wasn't making any claim of something new, just commenting.
  • Well... could you tell us what it's called?
  • Hes talking about the coverflow feature on the iphone or ipod touch. Its the same thing. when you turn the phone sideways in music then you can select music by tapping on the album art cover. I noticed this too when i got the Vtouch.
  • I have only recently started updating album art on my music collection and I just assumed that when I turned my phone sideways it was just ginving me a better view of the cover art. I didn't realize it was fully functional music selector in that mode.
    Really cool! And you're right it is a standout feature of the phone. Thanks. Learn something new everyday!
  • That's why I have an MP3 player. :p
  • I would use my phone as a mp3 player but I hate how the heaphone Jack is oddly placed and I find it impossible to put the phone in my pocket with headphones in.
  • i have a cheap mp3 player ($10) and i use it over the phone. much better sound quality. i havent tried it with headphones though, just through the aux input on my car stereo. also i'll never use the music player on this phone because i like to use my music for ringtones, therefor i have to store it in the 'my sounds' folder.
  • I use a bluetooth stereo headset. I get great sound plus calls pause the nusic and then pickup right where they left off when the call is over.
  • My experience has been good with the player, with very good sound quality (as these things go). Personally, I would never carry two devices around, with an 8gb card I can have a lot of music and videos (plus vcast and youtube) if I've got time to kill.

    If you want better sound, I would recommend investing in good headphones rather than a separate player.
  • i dont like to listen to music on headphones. the only time i really get to listen to music, is in my car. and i paid way too much for the system in my car, so i like to use it. the quality of the sound produced by my car stereo is kinda like this: Albums > MP3 CD > MP3 player > Phone > Radio. I didnt have an unlimited data plan until recently, i might look into streaming music.
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