Is it ok to use "regular" headphones with the Env touch? I didn't know if you had to use the kind made for phones, with the mic. I want to make sure before I plug in my Ipod headphones.


  • The jack on the Touch is standard, you can use any 3.5 mm headphone (earphone) with or without mic. Obviously without a mic you will not be able to talk on a phone. the Touch will display a message reminding you of this if you plug in a mic-less headset. I've used many different types of headsets with the Touch and all have worked well.
  • Cool. Thank you.
  • i haven't had any luck with mic-less headphones. went to dealextreme.com and bought a 3 dollar headphone set that comes with a separate mic that you can plug into the headphone jack, then plug ur headphones into the mic. pretty sweet thing to have and gets the job done.
  • iphone headphones work
  • I found on ebay a microphone that plugs into the USB port on the bottom of the phone, then you plug the headphones into the little microphone, similar to what Andervil describes. My plan is to mount the microphone somewhere on my dash, then run the headphone output into my aux input on my stereo. Hope it works, it should beat the hell out of the crappy speakerphone on these things, and it will be nice for watching Vcast in the car as well.
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