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It's a newer app, per the app store. I installed it, ran it, loved it. Went back to my enV touch later in the day and the shortcut is no where to be find in Browse and Download. VZW Support is baffled. New download link won't show in my queue. What am I to do?


  • Try looking in your shortcut menus (the ones that slide out from the right side of the screen) check both My Shortcuts and My Media. If it's not there try ADD and search through that list.
  • I checked all possible shortcuts. The app search list does not show mSpot at all.
  • That was my best shot. Have you tried rebooting the phone?
  • i dont see this in the app store at all. did you change your platform id in the service menu?
  • I found it spaz. It's like 5.00 a month.
  • ya i just found it too buff. stephen your problem most likeley stems from the fact that you are looking under browse and download and it is actually located under music and tones probably under the get new ringtones tab. at least thats where i found it
  • That could be spaz, I didn't think of that choice.
  • id be interested in hearing more about this mSpot. Is it worth 5.95 a month?
  • @spaz - that's where it was. That is the DUMBEST shortcut for the app ever. Who wrote this app?! It's a cool app and it plays iheartradio (big on iPod/iPhone and Blackberry), so my enV is now a radio. Yey. For $5.95/mo, you will have to weigh its worth if you listen often or not. I plan on it.
  • Hmm... wonder if it's "Hackable"
  • i wonder if it is 'hackable' as well...but i downloaded it and the quality of the stream is really good. i dont have an AUX input in my car and where I work, i have zero bars of service....but I can see this being a great app to use on a break.
  • you can set mSpot as a shortcut.
  • I've used it for a couple of hours now, and it seems okay. I like the personal radio, it's not as good as Pandora, but it'll will eventually be nice. I do wish that it worked with bluetooth audio though. If anyone gets it hacked, make sure and let us know.
  • What keeps it from working on bluetooth? I've never had anything that wouldn't work through Bluetooth Stereo. Or were you talking about plain bluetooth headset mode?
  • I tried it with my radio last night and it wouldn't work. I even tried some of my music to make sure it would work and it did, so it has to be with the mspot. If you can get it to work let me know.
  • That's really weird! They must be bypassing the phones audio system and piping it directly to the speakers. Does it work with a regular wired headset?
  • Yes it does. I used my headphones with it this morning.
  • Hey mooler,
    Are you having the same issue with mspot and bluetooth that splitear is?
  • i havent tried it with bluetooth yet
  • So where is this app located? Can I go into my media shortcut and then to browse and download to find it? Sorry, I've never been to the app store, I figured there wasn't much there for envtouch users. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  • Ah never mind, I found it. That is a dumb place to stash it.
  • I'm one of the engineers at mSpot who worked on mSpot Radio. In fact, I was responsible for the version for the enV Touch. Unfortunately, both of the problems discussed in this thread are unavoidable due to the phone.

    The phone decides to which category each application is assigned, and the enV Touch doesn't have any place for music applications that aren't ringtone apps. There's one thing you can do that may help: You can make a shortcut to mSpot Radio on the main touchscreen view. I can give instructions on how to do that if you like.

    The problem with Bluetooth stereo headsets is really unfortunate. It's using Headset Profile (mono, low-quality Bluetooth audio) when it should be using A2DP (stereo, high-quality Bluetooth audio). Other applications have the same problem. I tried modifying mSpot Radio to override the phone and force it to use A2DP, but it didn't work. So the best way to listen to mSpot Music on the enV Touch is with wired headphones.
  • BobW,
    Thanks for the info and update on mSpot. I definitely thinl our members would like the info on a shortcut for the main screen.
    Not sure I understand why the phone decides what category an app should be rather than the programmers. Seems like you should be able to have music player apps that have full access to the phones great audio capabilities. I love using the Touch for music (and audiobooks) through the Bluetooth Stereo, and really hate being wired. Maybe somewhere down the line there might be hope for a workaround.
    Once again, thanks for touching base with our forum.
  • Thanks for the great app Bob!
  • No Need to attempt to Hack this... I just called Verizon to cancel my subscription to mSpot since I really don't foresee myself using it. As it turns out there is a one-time initial purchase fee for the app. After that you own the app! No monthly fees!
  • there is no way its only 5.49 once
  • Hi all. I was wondering if this app used internet? I dont have an internet plan but would really love this app!!!
  • anyone confirm aalb1's claim?
    Sorry to lead you guys down the wrong path, but the Verizon rep led me down it first :(

    I called again and they said that the last rep didn't know what they were talking about.

    Before I unsubscribed... i was sure to attempt the hack on it... we'll see in another 30 days the verdict on it's hackability.
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