I have seen other phones hacked to change the os and it has worked on these other phones we should try this to. On other phones i have seen enclair 2.1 installed on cell phone (android 2.1) but if we could get it on the env touch it might not be stable does any one know the hardware specs on the touch. if we cant change the os we should look for other hacks that might be possible


  • I think that ship has pretty much sailed. Early adopters on 1 year contracts are getting ready to pounce on an upgrade and those of us on 2 year contracts are planning on begging for an early upgrade once the first year is up.
  • yah true im ready for an upgrade as well whats nice tho is that my contract ended early twice i think im going to get the incredible
  • Nothing to upgrade too really that won't require more money. I might use my upgrade though for a another backup, idk.
  • the rogue looks like a good backup
  • Not really since it requires data
  • the env touch requires a data plan also
  • Not when I got it...
  • Ya same thing here. In fact I found data/internet charges on my bill I didn't use. Called Verizon and found the phone was sending and receiving data all by it's self. She also informed me that they started requiering data package on new sign-ups. I had have them block the internet sevice entirely from my phone.
  • it depends when you got it. if you got it like during the summer and early fall, then you dont need a data plan. but if you got it like in November, then you will need a data plan.
  • yes...we know but that's not what we are talking about.
  • but you were talking about the data plan
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