Anyone have any recommendations on where to get good ringtones from?


  • Tube2Tone.com


  • The best ringtones are created by you, that way you can make any sound/song a ringtone.
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    I use Wavepad, it allows you take existing mp3's, cut them up, and adjust the sound properties. Save the new wave file anywhere on your PC, I created a desktop folder. I then use my email client to send them to my phone. Create a new mail, and send the mail to: your#@vzwpix.com, and attach the sound file. When you receive the mail, it will appear as a multimedia message, you can then save the sound, and apply it as a ringtone if you desire. I prefer to make them myself, I find that free ones from sites have a low volume.
  • Can anyone recommend a free program?
  • I use Audacity all the time with my mp3 to ringtone conversions, and it's a free download.
  • i use I tunes.
  • Bee Mp3 free music and ringtones.
  • Audacity is a great free program for editing audio:)
  • i also use iTunes. it's easy to cut and convert but you usually dont need to convert
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