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I'm thinking it'd be less messy if everybody introduced themselves in one thread, instead of tons of scattered ones, so newcomers, please: Tell us about yourself below, and give us your initial impressions of the Touch!


  • I got my Env Touch on July 12th, I had an LG Banter and it broke, it was covered under warranty but I was with Alltel and when I had to go to Verizon to handle the warranty they didn't have the LG Banter so they gave me an Evn Touch and I didn't sign another contract or pay anything. The MSRP on my other phone the Banter was only 215 and they gave me a phone that is worth at least twice that. I was amazed and it gave me a great first impression with Verizon. I really like this phone I've never had a phone that I could do so much stuff with. It's great.
  • Hello everyone, I'm new to the Lg Env Touch as of July 28th and I recently just upgraded from the Lg Chocolate 2. I love my new phone! The battery life is okay, it does use up a lot, but only if your using bluetooth and the mobile web. I was able to do a few web browsing, talk for about an 2 hours, and text over 300 times. My phone last from about 7:25am to about 11:45pm. I was pretty amazed. But yeah, I joined to site to learn a little more about my phone and maybe get some help if I run into any issues in the future. Thanks for making this forum, Andy. Well, I better start reading some threads! ~Cheers
  • Hello everyone.. I am james and I am so happy that this forum exists. Both myself and my wife got our phones around july 28th also. So I have a lot to learn as thi is our first enV touch.

    Once again I really appreciate this site and everyone helping each other.


    I need to get a couple SD cards? do micro SDHD cards work?

    thanks again....
  • You can if you want, most Microsd cards come with the micro sdhd. Microsd card goes inside your phone and the micro sdhd goes into your laptop or usb media card reader. I have a Kingston 2gb microsd card i got from walmart. I want to get a 16gb so bad!! Lol..
  • My name is Walter. Got my Touch on July 27th. Had the Chocolate before that. Didn't care much for the slide and I went through 4 of them in a year and a half. Decided on the touch because my son got the env3 and gave my wife his old env2. Liked the keyboard idea. Decided on the touch becasuse of the misc other features it had over the env2 & 3.
    Liking it alot so far other than a serious disappointment with the port of Scrabble. It's horrible, virtually unusable. i had to call verizon to remove and refund. Also having crashing issues with Bitpim. Won't read my contact lists without hanging up the program. Thanks for the site Andy, don't change phones again on us too soon, we need the support!
  • Hey BobbyHille: same exact thing happened to me. I had the LG GLimmer with Alltel and it broke so I went to Verizon and they gave me the Env Touch since they never carried the Glimmer. Im glad someone else did the same thing.
  • Hey my names Chris. I just recently got an env touch. I was with sprint for a long time and I had a samsung instinct and the software SUCKED....i exchanged it 5 times for a new one and the last time they changed their rules and you have to pay a 100 deductible even though you pay insurance.....forget that....i cancelled and came herre.
  • Hello to all my fellow enV Touch users,
    My name is Coe and I just switched to Verizon and the LG Touch (my daughter too). Spent months looking at different phones and service providers, since it is a major event when your phone contract is up and you have an opportunity to change. I was looking for a full featured phone that didn't require a data, as I was trying to save...aren't we all..

    .I am really excited about the "Touch"...just learning about the features. I would REALLY like to see how to synch the touch with my Outlook calendar/contacts. I saw on the LG site a download for doing this, but I was unsuccessful. Any assistance would be great.

    Thanks for the forum!!!!
  • just got my touch today, but it's not activated yet. having a little hick-up, i think it's because i'm transferring my old att # to verizon. anyway, was searching for info about the phone & found this site. seems like a good starting point for a newbie like me. i'm sure i'll be back with lots of questions in the future, so thanks in advance for any & all help.
  • Hello, I just ordered my env Touch last night and so excited to get it. Supposedly on Tues, I will be looking out the window til it arrives!
    I used to own a LG ( don't know which kind ) but it was a basic flip phone. I hear this env touch takes really good pictures, which is the main reason I chose it. If I have any questions, I will def come here for help ;)
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    Hello, My name is Jim.
    After being SICK of t-mobile & an Exhausting search I finally bought the LG enV Touch & I LOVE IT :) then I set out on a quest to find different cases, Headphones & other Accessories... I already knew about "" (a YAHOO Store that Ships Directly from China) that has GREAT PRICES but they did not have a few items I was lOOking for, so I continued my search & found ... Another Internet store with GREAT PRICES & they are Located in Southern California. I Highly Recommend both of these Internet Stores as their prices in Most cases are Less than HALF of what the "Retail" stores charge.
    I also went to & purchased a Kingston 8GB MicroSDHC & a Kingston USB Adapter for the MicroSDHC & they both WORK EXCELLENT (for Less than $25 Shipped :) (NOTE: You MUST Format the MicroSDHC card in your Phone FIRST before using it so that the Proper Folders can be created)
    I did buy a couple of cheap Headphone Earbuds with microphones, but neither sounded very good... So I searched more & finally after reading Reviews on decided on the Skull Candy "Full Metal Jacket Chrome" with Microphone, I received it today & the Music is AWESOME (as well as the price, $49.99) ( have to get wired Headphones because after reading several reviews of many various Blouetooth headsets I came to the conclusion for the Optimum Sound Quality Wired is the ONLY way to go)
    I'll have to wait until I get a Phone call to see how the quality is, but so far I LOVE them :)
    The LG enV TOUCH ROCKS & this Forum is the BEST for Information I have found yet (I especially like the tutorial on creating Ringtones that kept me up an extra 5 hours, but it was totally WORTH it :)
  • Hey i am Arthur. i was big on other phone forums but the Admin there became a huge a$# and was over using his powers and what not so i left. I do make flash clocks for LG phones and what not. And i do reviews for PC-MAG. But hey. I love this phone and look forward to making this site the best place for the env-touch. :P
  • I'm Bethany. I don't have my enV touch yet but it is supposed to come in tomorrow. I'm really excited. I had the voyager but walked into the ocean with it in my pocket broke. haha. I can't wait to have a phone again.
  • Rob from Illinois... previous Voyager owner. My Touch arrives Wednesday. Can't wait to get creating some new themes.
  • im new to the forum=]
    had my enV touch about 2 weeks now=]
    just found site today=]
    like what yall have here im glad to have joined=]
  • I got mine at the end of June. I have had minor yet frustrating issues and the product is not yet perfect, but it does what I need it to do. I've gotten the latest build of Bitpim to see it as a vx-11000 now and will likely try the various hacks tomorrow. I have managed to back everything up, too. I hate not being able to delete the Twitter, Photobucket, etc links from the Favorites link, but since then I just make new favs then drag them to the My Media shortcuts page. Not too much space left on that page, though. I'm sure Twitter, Photobucket, Facebook, etc paid or otherwise negotiated to get their site put in there permanently so we'd have to look at them. Kinda like how our Comedy Central, etc links in Vcast come with commercials attached in front of them - we are all paying to see commercials for programs we are already paying to see. I know this complaint isn't exclusive to Verizon, but I feel better for having ranted about it. Like with having to pay for the Navigator service, and also having to have unlimited internet to use it properly - this is another (arguably, yes) way to double bill for a service.

    So I guess my chief complaint is that I am now Verizon's bitch for the next 22 months or so. But I knew that coming in.
  • I'm Keer and my enV Touch just arrived today. I'm coming from T-Mobile and having a sidekick. I really like the features of this phone so far but I do have a couple of questions.
  • Hi Everyone! I poured over this site this past weekend and gained a GREAT deal of info. I have been able to do most everything that I wanted to do to and with my new LG enV Touch based on what I have gleaned from this site. From BitPim to case selection opinions, I am grateful to all that have added this very useful information. This is the ultimate LG enV Touch website and I will visit here often. My Touch is an upgrade from a 5 year old LG flip phone and let me say that I am thrilled with the new bells, whistles and functionality. It's like moving from a piper cub plane to a learjet - PHENOMINAL!
  • Hey! I just got my env touch yesterday since my new every two was up. I got it for free!! yay 100 dollar rebate! it takes some getting used to, and I'm still not used to the space bar being in the middle (I upgraded from the env 1). I researched it a lot before I got the phone but I still was unaware of small things like the t9 words not saving, and apparently this little black square on my phone that seems to be broken (after reading the other thread about it). Other than that I love the phone! it' s gonna have to last me 2 years so I better love it :)
  • Hi everyone. My name is Max and I got my phone near the beginning of August. After two weeks, I "accidentally" sprayed WD-40 on my phone to make it stop squeaking when I opened it, as a result of me dropping it. This didn't work to well with the screens, so I had to get a new one. Luckily, I've had no additional trouble with the phone, and especially love it because I upgraded from the most basic phone that I got two years prior, so this is my first "smart" phone.
  • Hey, just picked up my env touch today. I am having issues with BitPim and getting my Outlook Contacts to come over to the phone. No problem with Calendar or Ringtones syncing to phone though. If anyone has some input please help.
  • Hi guys I just got my env touch about 1 week ago. I haven't done anything with the phone yet, but hopefully I will be able to utilize it to its full potential by looking through this site. Although I do not have a good plan, so my uses will probably be very limited. I do not have internet and I think it will cost me 1.99/MB to use it so that is not happening. I really love the speakers and camera on this phone. Luckily I bought a 4 GB microsd card for my other phone 2 years ago so now I use it for this phone.
  • Hello all my name is Bryan. I am new to this forum but plan to come here on a regular basis. I love the ENV Touch.
  • Got my enV Touch September 4th, and I'm super excited about it! This forums has a wealth of information and tools available, and I'm surprised that such a community has gained ground so soon after the phone was released, perhaps this is an indication that the Touch is a revolution in what a regular "non smart" phone can do!
  • hi iv had the env touch like a week after it came out because the voyager was out so i wanted this phone and im here because i herd about the hacks and free aps and i hate paying for stuff so here i am
  • Hi, I've had my enV Touch for about 3 weeks now. It is definitely a step up from my old Tracfone with half the buttons chewed off. I can play Oregon Trail in bed now, so I'm pretty happy with it. $6.99 well spent.
  • your right sjpostus regarding Oregon Trail
    but the 6.99 unlimited, very addictive (too it can only be played on the external screen) though from some of the stuff to do it would be hard (fishing, hunting) on the internal)
  • Just got my Touch yesterday (10-22-09). I love it.
  • Just got mine this weekend and have no clue how to use it yet.. LOL. Can't even get my pc to see it when i use the usb.. So, here I am, hoping to find some answers!

    Great site BTW,, I'm glad i found it!
  • Hello! I am a newcomer here @ this site.
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