Lurking? Me too!

I also have been reading for some time. Got my phone in Jan. On my 4th one so far. Hope this one will keep working for the long haul.



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  • i just sent back my 7th touch since last august..they offered me a rogue and to give me a new every 2 upgrade 7 months quicker. i went for it. the rogue is the same but its not, if you know what i mean. brew\mod is locked though(so far), so no freebies yet. now i can get 2 upgrades...waiting for lg's new android coming next month i an fyi here also. if you keep going through the touch's, get a little pushy with them..this is the 2nd out of 4 lines i got my new every 2 pushed forward now. plus i'm trying out a brand new rogue. not a refurb. this post could probably be a whole new thread..i will do that, but leave this here also.
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