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I thank cmrmotoboy who made the droid theme. he did a wonderful job on it. i was wondering though (i know he got his phone stolen) if some one could make a internal wallpaper that has a droid "themeish" feel to it and has the clock on it like the external. I would grately appreciate it. I tryed all last night and just could not get it to work right.



  • Currently there is no way to change the internal theme. The external theme is a flash file we have been able to edit. The internal theme is hard wired into the phones OS.
  • oh haha now i understand... but no i was talking about a wall paper not a theme, you know one to replace Wallpapertype3main.swf. sorry for the miscomunication.
  • go into bitpim and right-click then go to the overwrite button. make sure the name says exactly what the title of the file you are replacing says
  • You don't have to change the name beforehand cheese, when you overwrite, it keeps the name of the file that's on the phone.
  • yeah i know, how to cheese im wondering if anyone has a wallpaer i can use, i know how to do it, but i dont have the wallpaper to do it with. i was wondering if anyone that knows how could make me an internal wallpaper.
  • jayball- why do you keep saying "internal wallpaper". There are no mods for the internal screen.
  • You want to make an animated wallpaper? or just get a normal droid picture and slap it on the device and set the clock to analog?
  • @ blahdc I know for a fact that there is a mod for a internal animated wallpaper. I know i can not mod the inside menu theme. what i am asking for is a animated wallpaper that has a clock like the one on the external. I want an animated wallpaper to replace wallpapertype(1,2,or3)main.swf that is the normal animated wall paper for the internal screen.

    @ Kpsully93 I do want an animated wallpaper with a clock. But i want the clock to be the exact same as the one on the outside
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    Just made this internal wallpaper... Hope its what you wanted jayball
  • Heres the preview
  • The preview is another download link..
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    I dont know how to paiste a picture to the discussion sorry
  • Use www.imageshack.us/ then upload the pix to the website and copy and paste the direct link here.
  • http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/1972/droidmain.jpg
  • That looks really good, very clean, any external wallpaper/theme for it to match?
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