What accessories do you recommend for the Lg Env Touch?

I've been looking at cases, screen protectors, and batteries for about a week now. I am thinking about buying Zagger's Invisible Shields, Extended battery, and maybe a Soft Glove case. If you are using any of these or using something else, please let me know what you think of them. Thanks.


  • The clear plastic snap-on cover or the Body Glove cover (I have the clear cover and love it but might get the body glove).
  • ive got the black rubber body glove and love it. its textured rubber over hard plastic, with a microsuede interior to protect the finish on the phone. the front section extends past the touch screen, so even if i drop the phone on its screen, it wont be damaged. i also have the stick on screen protectors from the vzw store, which are easy to apply, with no bubbles, and do a fantastic job of protecting both screens. so i have full phone protection with only a little added bulk. the added size versus the zagg protectors is worth it to me, because the body glove protects against drops as well as scratches. i have dropped my phone several times already, and both the case and the phone look 100%.
  • does the zagg work with regular cases? what i mean is, can i have a body guard case on while having a zagg on underneath it?
  • rubberized hard plastic case, screen protector, headphones + microphone.
  • Zagg screen and your choice of case. I have several just because including a silicone, clear hard, rubberized, and soft touch case. I just like changing it up plus a vertical and horizontal holster.
  • Try Photodon Anti glare screens. Haven't tried them yet, but they have a great reputation:
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