Hello need help!

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Hello new to forum. I have had my phone for about 6 months and love it! I was wondering if any one has detailed instructions on how to take the phone apart i have some lint trapped in the ear piece and I want to clean it out I think it is making it hard to hear any help would be great thanks.


  • if your not mechanical i highly recamend you dont. however there are 9 tiny phillips head screws in the covers of the phone. you'll need a tiny flat head screw driver as well to pry the the screw covers off, and to pry the phone case apart. 5 screws on the base cover, ( 3 neer the hinge and 2 under the battery) must come off first. then use the flat screw driver to pry the base cover apart. start at a corner and work your way around. once the base cover is off there are 4 screws on the screen cover at the corners. then pry that cover apart starting at a corner. that'll give u access to the lint filled ear peace. BE GENTAL! and good luck
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    i took my old one appart. it wasn't super hard but i was afraid id break it
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