How to access the Service Menu for the Lg Env Touch

This is a tutorial on how to access the Service Menu for the Lg Env Touch.

Step 1: Turn on your phone and slide up to unlock it.

Step 2: Tap the 2nd button on the bottom left hand side. You should now be in the dial pad.

Step 3: Type: ##PROGRAM11000 (##776472611000) and tap "Call".

Step 4: Service menu should say: "Service Code: ????" Type: 000000

You have successfully accessed the service menu! You are now able to change almost anything in your phone without access to a computer.

*Note: I have no responsibilities for your actions. If you get in trouble with Verizon or you screw up your phone, that is your fault.

Other than that, have fun! ;)


  • You could also go to the dial pad and type (##lgservicemenu) and hit send and type (000000) as the code and you can explore all the goodies in that. BE CAREFUL THOUGH! My dad works for as an inbuilding system specialist and he uses this menu to do many testing things and hes warned me many many times not to click certain things that could mess your phone up. My girlfriends a personal fan of going into (All Auto Test - LG) and clicking (Vibrator Test) ;)
  • What's the reason to get into this anyway? JFMI
  • just to do it
  • Actually, there are several actual useful features in the menu, if you read the other posts about it. One lets you recalibrate your proximity sensor, one lets you reset the phone's default connection profile, if you're having trouble using bitpim or the dun hack, and I believe there are several other useful options.
  • can u turn off the unable to verify account thing with this or do you have to take it in
  • I just bought this phone and it's on the metro pcs network . How can I reprogram it in order to activate the phone on the verizon network ?
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