wat would you like to see in verson 10

wat would you like to se in vx11kv11


  • Storage of texts on MicroSD card.
    Less crashing
  • A vertical external keyboard lyke the iphone.
  • i have called lg and verizon and told them about the vx11000 v11 update suggestons
  • lmfao
  • Is version 10 even out yet?
  • Yeah, you do that.
  • sorry made mastake i was revering to version ten my bad been a long day
  • i'm looking more forward to v36..
  • so tell me wat you wished happend in v9
  • Java support or at least the ability to download things would be nice!
  • Frosty beer from the USB. Lol
    actually quite a bit.

    Vertical keyboard
    2 letter keyboard like the blackberry pearl/flip/storm
    less reboots/lock ups
    bigger inbox/store on sd
    less white screens/blank screens
    send messages without a failed message notification
    less lag in the camera
    ability to save sounds as music(ie. Email song to phone)
    more themes(through out the whole phone)
    app store!!!!!!!
    New clock widgets
    more widgets for wallpaper
    snap to Grid widgets
    better voice commands
    allow music to play whil recieving/readin a text
    built in email(as I do not have A data plan.)
    better touch screen accuracy
    overall increase in performance
    multi tasking
    scree brightness setting
    make the over the air software upgrade work

    and don't complain about my list. It's just stuff I wouldn't mind having.
  • Vibrator App for those lonely nights.
  • Haha, SomeDooD
  • I would be happy if browsing would not randomly cause a reboot.
  • command that is the best list, i agree with everything except for 2 letter keyboard thing. i never used it. but it looks hard to get used to...
  • Just some thin different I guess. Lol
    it's probably exclusive to blackberries too
  • Speaking of V10, whatever happened to that troll who claimed it was already available? Anyway, no resets when browsing would be my only request, since I am not too greedy. (and anything from commandofern's list, if they are feeling generous). In all honesty, I am mostly happy with the phone, except for that and it's getting worse. Might have to jump ship to a smart phone as long as VZW doesn't pull an AT&T with their data plans!!!
  • they already did every fone needs a data plan and smart fone cost 30 bucks for data which is required
  • True, but it's not not quite the same. VZW has the $29.99 plan for all smartphones, but for now at least, it's still unlimited. The Feature phone plans for $9.99 and $29.99 are similar, but AT&T took out the "unlimited" part altogether! That's what I'm hoping they don't imitate!!!!!!!!
  • I think he was referring to AT&T's dismissal of unlimited data, in favor of a tiered plan.
  • i 2nd commandofern's list
  • has v10 been relesed yet
  • i went to a VZW store to day and asked if v10 was relesased and they told me no it has not been released
  • I agree w/ C-fern's list of "needs". Add to that, a much quicker/easy way to "lock" phone. Such as a widget that can be placed onto touch screen.
  • Or when u press the lock button.it pulls Up an actual password lock like the iPhone.
  • how about over the air updates like when v10 comes out you can do the update from ur phone
  • I hope So.
  • evga: i don't think Verizon would be doing that. i think i remember that they once did that and they messed up a lot of phone.i think i heard it on this forum. also the files are huge when they update an over the phone that would be a long time.
  • how about the vertical qwaterty keyboard for texting and notes
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