I just got an anv touch today

I am wondering how to transfer contacts from a .vcf(vcard) file to my env touch. One more thing, what movie file formats will this phone accept because I have some mp4 movies that I took from my itunes library to put on my phone. but the phone isn't recognizing them.


  • idk about the vcard thing but this phone accepts 3gp formats and only some mp4 files. (u need to convert the mp4s with videora env touch converter)
  • i tried videora and it didnt work. each time i got error 100302
  • idk. i usually get a bunch of erors when i open it too but it usually works. try and right cick and click on run as administrator, if that doesnt work u can just download an mp4 to 3gp converter, its worse quality but it'll play.
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