HTC Touch Diamond Theme [ Release ] + UPDATE: FIXED ICON MENU ADDED!

I have been working on this for the past couple hours....

Its an HTC Touch Diamond HD Theme for the LG Vx11000 ENVTOUCH.

Heres the SWF Preview::

Heres the PNG Preview::

Scrollable, Full HD HTC Diamond Touch Pro icons, No lag, Home Button, Original BG



  • very cool man... This is definitely goin on my touch. could u also make an alternate theme with fixed shortcuts? instead of the sliding ones?
  • DAMMN i just tested this on my touch for the first time and it is SEXYYY.

    haha and jvr, maybe some other day cause I am all themed'' out for the day.

  • hahah its all good man. thanx for this tho...
  • nice! matching wallpaper?
  • @Littlestes

    Soon :)
  • i like this one, its nice and clean. im using it now.
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    It's been weeks since a new theme came out, THANKS Nbajr. I know you told Jvrc already, but will you be considering suggestions, if sensible, for this theme and its wallpaper?

    Yeah I would agree with the fixed shortcuts, sort of to look like that picture preview you gave us in the other thread when you first brought this theme idea up.

    Here's a black wood background that would maybe look dope too, behind the fixed icons.
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    Thanks for the comments v2 & rican, and yes I will be taking suggestions. There is always room for improvement, so go ahead and just ask.

    As for the wallpaper, I think It will be with the HTC clock that cmrmotoboy had awhile ago, but with some other looks, wallpapers, etc. I am currently talking to him about it so well see what will become of the wallpaper.
  • very sharp. arrows seem a little off, but no biggie (maybe thats just the preview). i think this is ur best yet. fixed shortcuts would be ultimate.
  • YES!!!! wood background!!! whoo lol
  • i like this menu the best so far. nice job nbajr. i think everything looks better in black
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    +Fixed Arrows [Removed]
    +Changed to wooden background.
    +Fixed position of Home button

    [Not pixelated on phone]

  • Finshing up on the fixed icon theme....would you guys like 4 rows of 3, or 3 rows of 3? I have a 3 rows of 3 done, but 4 by three I may need till next week to do.
  • Credits due, for Nbajr, my favorite of your themes thus far. The work's appreciated. I can't wait to try them out in the phone. I'd like to suggest: 4 rows of 3. Also, would you be able to or try to make the "Start" (above the People icon in the picture we're using as a template from my earlier post) operable? Maybe when pressed, would bring you back to the main screen. Can you use the icons from the Htc Touch Diamond?
  • If you could find me the original icons, then sure, and its either the home button or the start button.....I just realized you can only have 1 home button
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    I dunno, is this the one?
  • Where are all of the diamonds?
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    This screenshot doesnt do it any good, especially because it is taken on the SWF when it is about 5x the size it should be...


    +Only needed icons
    +14 Icons included
    +Home button available
    +Fixed icons
    + HD look.
  • Looks Good! Nice job dude
  • super duper
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    nbajr can u please get an eternal and internal wallpaper tha matches this? it will look great. thanks for the theme
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