Simple Grey Theme

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  • wow nice job
  • Here's the matching wallpaper...
  • the icons from left to right are contacts, messaging, media center, music, browser, settings
  • this theme is phenomenal! Thanks a bunch I just loaded this and the wallpaper onto my phone! =D any chance you could add an internal wallpaper for this theme? =] thanks a bunch!
  • how's this?
  • Did you use CMRMOTOBOYS clock but change the bg?

    and also, this is a great theme for younger kids who want something simple and colorful. VERY nice job.
  • wow high 5 nice job keep it up Littlestes
  • umm i used a droid clock from 1 of the discussions. idk how to add a custom clock to a wallpaper to be honest. nd thanks.
  • damn little, comin out of nowhere. Sick as hell. Any way youd be able to post a theme that has all the unused icons off to the side, so if we'd like to switch them out, we could?
  • off to the side as in like on the screen? or scrolling?
  • like, when you decompile and open it in flash, it wont be on the actual background (just off to the side somewhere random), but you can drag it onto the screen to replace another icon.
    Itll still be fixed, but people will be able to swap out icons in flash. u dig?
  • Little come on over
  • @ Andervil; On this theme when i saved it halfway thru it made the icons turn out weird like the way they were aligned and stuff, so u would have to start from scratch but here is the link to the icon pack i used:
    its really easy to do in flash; just delete all the text and make the icons u import bigger and align them. If u have any questions just lemme know. i would redo it but i've been pretty busy lately.
  • nbajrproductions i just joined the site :)
  • Thanks man. Post your themes there too!

    And bro, that Icon pack is SEXY!
  • could anyone post a download link for the transformers, matrix, car makers and michael jordan themes?? i've looked everywhere for them and cnt find them.
    this would be greatly appreciated!
    thanks :)
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