Shared calendar App between 2 enV touch phones...? Anyone?

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Hello - 1st timer here. Sorry if this issue has already been discussed.

My wife and I received our enV touch phones a couple weeks ago. We love them. We are wondering if there is an App out there to fit our needs.

We're looking for a shared calendar on our phones. Something simple. For example, if she input "Kid's dentist appt. Wed @ 3:00 pm"...she could then forward that appointment to my phone so it would be placed on MY calendar. And vice versa w/my appointments to her phone.

I've checked Google Calendar, Google Sync, and Microsoft Outlook. It appears the enV touch isn't supported by any of those. Seems as if this app is only supported by Smartphones. We are using the 'limited' data package. **Please let me know if this is correct...advanced users, I'm looking in your direction!***

I can't be the only one out there who could benefit from this app... So far, we're just txting appontments to each other but it's not very effecient.

Thanks in advance for your input/suggestions.
Good stuff on this forum.


  • I'm pretty sure that there is an application made by LG to sync the phone with Outlook, but I haven't used is since I first got my phone, If you can't find it, I can look it up later and see what I find.
  • You can connect the phones via bluetooth and send over a bunch of calendar appointments at one time. That's what I do with my and my husband's phone. It will place it directly on the receiving calendar.
  • Jokey -

    Which calendar do you and your husband use on your phones? Google, Outlook, etc? Or is it the calendar from LG?
  • There is a web app that can do it called "Cozy" you can set it up for your family and when you have a new appointment, you text it such as you said and it will upload it to the online calendar. Then, say at 2:30 it will send a text message notification to all of your members. Cozy also does grocery lists as well as acts kind of like a facebook wall between you and your family.

    Google calendar also has this capability. Just check around.
  • I use the one on the phone since I'm the one making most of the appointments (kids doctors, sports, etc). Then when we're watching tv at night I'll just BT everything from that day over to his phone. He doesn't have an evT though; he has a motorola.

    I made a calendar shortcut and then put it on my display so it's always handy.
  • I use the google calendar feature, but my family uses cozi.

    Does anyone know of a way to download facebook contacts to our phones be it via software or BT or Bitpim or whatever?
  • I appreciate everyone's suggestions...I downloaded Cozi and working out the kinks. I've entered a couple 'test' appointments which show up as texts on the phone. I still have a couple questions:

    1. Can't seem to find a 'reminder' feature - 15 minutes, 1/2 hour before the appointment...the phone will ring, etc?

    2. Do I need to download Cozi's calendar to my phone or does Cozi use LG's calendar?

    3. I'm seeing 'Bitpim' a lot on these dicussions. Do most users recommend this site? Is is safe for a novice user (is it similar to limewire, kazaa, etc. regarding viruses, trojans).

    4. I would love to just use google's calender. I see one user (commandofern) uses it. Can you tell me how you're using google calender on the lgenV touch?

    5. Oh, and it is easy to 'bluetooth' appointments back and forth? We haven't tried that yet. Actually, I don't even know what that means...

    THanks again everyone. This site is very helpful.
  • I use google with my EnV. I have the shortcut saved to my phone so i can access my calendar. It will usually text me notifications. It doesn't use much data. I have the 25mb plan.

    The only thing i have not figured out is adding appointments to my phone that are not for "today". As in how to put a future appointment in on the mobile web.
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