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Alright. So. I've decided I'm not able to afford a Droid right now, and, besides, with the X coming out... I'd rather wait. So I'm just going to bump up to unlimited data and away we go.


I've ordered the extended battery for the touch, and loaded up:

1) VZNavigator hack (to replace Google Maps)
2) Mobile Email (provided)
3) Socialbeat
4) Tethering hack

I'm still on the lookout for:

5) NON-BITPM calendar sync (preferably with Google, but any workaround that means an over-air sync since I won't always have my PC around)
6) Suggestions on better apps than Socialbeat (Required sites: Twitter, Facebook. Prefer to load up Myspace onto that as well).
7) Suggestions for Mobile Email-killers, if that isn't the best program. (I'm syncing with Gmail).
8) A way to read PDFs from the internet.
9) Google Voice: I cannot seem to play GVoice messages through the browser. Can I do this via mobile email, or is there another workaround?
9) Any and all further suggestions on how to make this phone rock out functionality-wise.

I have searched through the discussions, if I've failed to see something already posted, please direct me, and I apologize in advance.

- Long time lurker, first time poster.
-- Lennix


  • i use google voice and have had no problems playing messages in the mobile web browser. just click on play next to the message you want to hear and then it will load up a page that has just a play button on it. click the play button and if you dont hear annything press the volume key on the side of the phone till you do
  • I cannot play google voice messages either. I get an "unknown error" message when the browser tries to download the file/message.
  • wow thats what i hate about this phone. how hit or miss it can be. what version of the firmware are you guys running
  • http://envtouchthemes.vanillaforums.com/

    Need help
  • 8) A way to read PDFs from the internet.

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