iPhone OS 4

This is way off topic but to all you guys out there who own an iphone or an ipod touch, the new software will be coming out today. No one knows what time it will be coming out but I hope it's soon.


  • Hopefully everyones servers will be able to handle the update (AT&T has a bit of trouble keeping them up for the Iphone users and Apple has its own problems as well). This is an exciting development for the mobile market, can't wait to see how it will play out.
  • im staying with 3.1.3 becuase mine is jailbroken ;). I just have to have free apps and themes :D
  • They just released a jailbreak for iOS 4 yesterday, but it only works on 2g iPod Touches from what I hear.
  • i have the 2nd generation running os 4. i decided to try it.... it sucks :(
  • I have an iPod Touch 3rd generation 32gb so i get all of the features.
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