OT from the phones but I'm hoping you smart people can help

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I have an 4r and 2g micro sd card for my son's NDS. Suddenly the other day, the menu failed to load. I took a look on the card and there's all these random files with jibberish names like áßRƒσ.é (ha, they don't even format correctly). It looks as if the card is corrupted. I think I've pinned it down to a specific game (Mario Kart) since I was able to copy everything else cleanly back to my hard drive. I can't erase the 7 corrupted files. The error tells me the names are too long. All of the corrupted files are over 3,000,000 kb which is way bigger than any of the game files.

I googled how to fix this and all I found were directions for recovery for pictures, not removal of the files. Can someone help me? Or should I just toss the damn card?


  • Insert it into your PC and then right click it from the computer menu and format it. Do a total wipe, if it wont let you do it then the card is totally junked and youll just have to get a new one, sorry.
  • google panasonic sd formatter. same thing happened to me on my flashcart for my ds.
  • KlineAJ, something so beautifully simple yet I never knew about that. Thanks.

    Weapon, I'm stashing that in case something happens again.
  • No problem, glad I helped!
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