streaming tv thru orb

Decided to play around w/ Orb while drinking my coffee this morning (afternoon).

My goal was to be able to watch the Pirate's game at work tonight on my phone.

Hadn't logged into Orb in months and I had to guess my password (2 minutes) and change the stream settings back to 3gp/aac (2 minutes). Okay, streaming videos works.

Next, I installed ManyCam. This slick little program lets you select part of your desktop and broadcast it as a webcam. It can also treat whatever is coming out of your speakers as though it were coming into your microphone. I selected about 1/8 of my desktop and (from my phone) told Orb to view my ManyCam webcam. DIdn't work. Tried again and again and it suddenly started working!

Then, I started a video on my PC and moved it to the part of my desktop I was streaming to my phone. The sound worked but I just got a blank screen. Hmmmm. I tried using overlay mode and that failed. I tried a different player and that made no difference. Finally, I turned video acceleration off and lo and behold, VICTORY!

I am currently watching soccer on my phone via streamtorrent.

The downside is I have to have soccer streaming on my computer and video acceleration turned off to do this, but it's still awfully freaking cool! Can't have a screensaver or andything either. You can just physically turn off your monitor, though.

This trick is still in beta testing. Feel free to contribute!


  • Well, it worked except the channel guide must have changed and I ended up getting the Brewer's game instead. Anyhow, this means livestream, ustream,, etc. can be watched on the touch - you just have to plan ahead.
  • holy crap. this is breakthru stuff!! are all the programs you listed free to use?
  • I have not been able to figure this out. I already knew about live video streaming from webcam. but i have not been able to pair it up with the program. how were you able to do this??? when i open it and select the size of the screen and i open it on orb, it just still shows my webcam.
  • how do you change stream settings to 3gp/aac?
    Im on a mac, you do it on pc?
  • no, this you would change on the phone. once you're on your mycast.orb account. look for the settings from your phone.
  • k got it on 3gp/aac mode. i just get the big play button on the envtouch screen, but nothing loads. you think if i keep trying, itll work?
  • jvreb - when i log onto mycast, it gives me an option for my actual webcam (so i can check on my cat, i guess) or my ManyCam VIrtual webcam.

    andervil - that's what it was doing w/ me. don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but the first time i got it to work i hit the 'more' button next to the manycam virtual cam instead of just selecting the cam. THEN i hit play and it worked. I don't have to do this anymore. also, I have no idea about ManyCam and Macs...

    The framerate wasn't great, but it worked and w/ the sound i was able to follow along nicely.
  • Heh, I just had to try about 7 or 8 times to get it to work. I dunno. *shrug* Right before I tried for the time that worked, I closed the manycam interface on my desktop - maybe that matters...
  • im sure this is gonna work. how long would you say the black screen with the play button loads before you see the stream?
  • hmmmm sucks. Havent been able to see the option to open mycam....
  • oh, i had this probelm jvrcb. you have to click on orb control panel. (this is for mac, but im sure itll be similar). for me, i get 6 buttons in control panel, general, media sources, webcam, media servers, my prof, accounts. After you set it up to use ur desktop as webcam, you have to clikc the webcam option in control panel. Then refresh the list, or hit the + button to add a webcam. It should then refresh with mycam webcam, instead of your computers.
  • havent gotten the streaming to work yet. and USA plays today. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
  • ahh! had it running for a minute with full desktop. but when i changed it to partial, it stopped. quality will probably be better if i do partial desktop right?

    pyro, how many bars do you have in the area that it works? cuz i currently ev 1x but no bars.
  • I would say there is about a 10 second delay before it opens. I would assume quality is better on partial, too

    I tried upgrading to the newest version of manycam and now my phone gives me a device not supported error.

    Think I'm going to look around for another virtual webcam program to try...
  • Reverted to ManyCam version 2.4.44 and it worked right away.
    What version are you using, andervil? I'm curious if you're using that latest version because I just got an Orb error on my phone.

    Oh, 3 bars of EV and 3 bars of 1X
  • you online andervil? I want to try something...
  • im using orb 2.57.0010 for mac. maybe ill try windows.
    when i select to use Flash instead of 3pg/aac, it works right away, but then restarts my phone.
  • oh u were talkin about manycam, nevermind. im on a pc now. well see whats up.

    what was it that u wanted to try pyro?
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    you think you can send me the .exe for your older manycam? or maybe a link?

    edit: took some searchin. but found it. for anyone that wants it
  • I was going to give you a temp login to my orb to see if you could watch my ManyCam.
  • i c. well if you still want to try im down. just tell me your time zone, and what time youd like to try this. maybe we could set something up. I can also give you a temp login if youd like to try mine. Is yours working 100% now? or at least more than 50%?
  • Every time I've tried it since the manycam downgrade, it has worked.

    I just started playing w/ "unreal media streamer" to see if I can get it to real-time encode an RTSP stream that the phone can play. Not much documentation, but I think it might work. I'd rather have to full screen utilized. ORB makes the picture too small when it re-encodes.

    I'm sure we'll catch each other online one of these days. I think I'll be on for a few hours now... and I'm EST but keep odd hours.
  • manycam must be the problem, cuz the only one i can find for mac is version 1.0.41. the windows version must have some bugs worked out. ill just have to use windows. let me know how unreal media streamer goes.
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    unreal media server is giving me a headache.
  • cant get it on the phone. just the play button black screen. worked on the computer tho.
  • hmmmm. try hitting the 'more' button next to the ManyCam Virtual... and THEN hitting play.
  • did that dice. if you can, keep it running for like 30 more mins. im gonna try it in a place where i get full bars.
  • when you can, make me a login for your cam. see if that works.

    weird having someone watch my desktop. haha
  • Oops Orb has encoutered and error and needs to close.
    restarting it now.
  • so heres whats up. at first, it wouldnt work. like if i went up top to TV. then to webcams. then i had the option of ur logitech or manycam. no matter how i started manycam, it would just go straight to the play button black screen and not load.

    but then, after backing out of that screen and goin to the initial login screen of orb, a new option appeared which said "resume stream" and had your manycam underneath. Everytime i clicked this one, it would work perfectly, and i could spy on you ;) hahaha. text was super blurry though, but it would prob be decent for streaming video. I also noticed, that everytime i clicked "resume many cam" is would first go to a white screen with blue writing on top "your stream will start soon... clikc to stream.." or something along those lines. regardless, i wouldnt have to clikc the blue writing, it would just procede to load up the stream beautifully.

    so yeah, going to TV, WEBCAM, and manycam did not work. However clicking "resume stream" worked everytime. Also, early on, your manycam webcam did not have a thumbnail and wouldn't stream, but once the thumbnail appeared, it worked 100%.

    heres my login:

    u: andervil12
    p: vx11000

    ill try to keep it runnin as much as possible. but send a message if u wanna coordinate something.
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