Extended battery. yay, nay, and which one?

Thinking of getting an extended battery. Any users here with any experience?
Also, is the official LG battery from Verizon that much better than the other off-brands available on Amazon and other sites? I'd be paying 37.50 from Verizon, so the difference would be between $17-27, depending on which battery I would end up getting.

It's a little strange, I feel like $37.50 is a little much, but at the same time I'd feel wary about paying only $10 for the thing. Sometimes you get what you pay for. (not with HDMI cables, but that's a totaly different discussion/board)

There's also the issue of my Body Glove case, which would be rendered useless with a big battery bulge on the back of my phone.

So, what do you folks think?


  • I'm thinking bout getting the extended battery too. And i was wondering, cuz i have one of those stretchable cases for my env touch and if i put the battery in and shove the cover on will it b able to work?
  • I have an Extended battery, ran me about $20. It fixes the horrid battery life this phone usually has. Do not try trying to fit the back half of any case onto it. The battery turns the phone into a bloody brick, and it feels as if the mass of the phone has doubled. It feels different as well. I like it though, it feels thick lol.
  • I probably would have returned my phone within the first month if not for the extended battery. I have the one Verizon sells. I actually got it for free just by asking a CSR if she had heard anything about battery life issues.
  • So by getting an extended battery we have to sacrifice protection?
  • Ironic, isn't it HawaiiBound, people want something that will let them use their for phone for longer, but then you can't put on the case that's supposed to extend the phone life.
  • So potagee. Hahaha. Someone shud invent it. They wud make plenty money. Lol. But it sucks that there is none. I still think i like buy i tho. Maybe.......
  • you could always get a decalgirl skin which works pretty well for protecting your phone against normal wear and tear and it allows u to take out the battery while leaving the rest of the skin on. then you could just use your standard battery and carry the extended one in case the standard dies until u can charge it...idk if that was confusing thats the best i can explain it
  • I don't know how big the extended battery is but I do know od Someone who had a voyager, the extended battery, and the body glove case. He used like a band saw or something and started in the holster hole and cut out a rectangle the exact size of the batter. Then he found some fake leather like stuff to put on the battery so now it looks seamless between the battery and the case. Might make a fun diy project if any of u are into that. Just a suggestion
  • I've actually thought about that, cutting my BodyGlove case to fit the extended battery. Anyone know if the cheap-o ones from Amazon/etc are comparable to the official expensive LG ones from Verizon?
  • From my experince trust me, go with the Verizon battery as it was made and certified for the EnV, I tried others when I had the EnV and they didnt work as well. The Extended is great and I loved it and I still do, I think I may have my old one, if you want Ill sell it to you with a holster for idk give me a bid haha, anyone else interested email me at klinealexander@gmail.com
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