Littlestes, Andervil, and any other themers, we've got to get moving.

Hey themeing experts, I have been browsing the web for a while, and a particular phone got my attention.

The LG Cookie. It is a non-US phone, but can be bought unlocked on the web. Now, It does not work with Verizon, but that's not the point.

It is a Certified LG Phone, and the members over on this site,

Have made some OUTSTANDING themes, including this Iphone theme, which has an unlock screen, more than one page, and added icons.

It is a non AndroidOS phone, and is simply a regular LG Touch Screen.

They've done it. They have managed to create outstanding themes, and have used there phone to the maximum potential. I'm posting to ask that anyone out there be willing to try harder and talk with me about working on a bigger, better theme, and fully understanding the LG VX11000 EnV Touch's Flash compatibility.

So please, message back if you are willing to try harder. Also, Sign Up for the LG Cookie site, ask questions. They have tutorials, and a great community. We haven't been so strong lately. So let's get moving.


  • The lock screen is apart of the brew platform. If anyone knows exactly which file and it's location, I can talk to a friend about cracking it. He has cracked brew on the following phones; moto razr (all models), original env, chocolate touch, the dare,and the versa. He might be able to help but prefers to stay low. But if anyone knows, I would love to ask him.
  • Should we assume finding this is on bitpim? or another program?
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    Whoa. Very cool. Hopefully you guys can move forward on this. Great find, Nbajr, I admire the ardor.

    Oh and just to share since we're on the subject. If you haven't seen these before, I found a couple more themes made by user, FinalFantesy of
    It's really nice if you like it clean and simple.
  • I don't know. He said it can usually be found in bit pim. THe problem is that he does not have access to a touch right now. He lives about 5 hours away near Lake Cumberland. And im not gonna ship it to him and be phoneless for 5 days.Lol. He said he might know someone who has one. But yeah. He said all the other ones he has found through bitpim. ANd he also said that if anyone can find it, email it to me and ill email it to him so he can crack it. I should know by the morning whether or not he got one. ANd he said the file extension of it always changes. I'm gonna ask him about just copying the whole file system and sending it to him some how. I dont know. Any help would be appriciated.
  • thats really nice!
    but does it have the same os? cuz the env lags w/ just one page of the iphone theme..
  • Same OS Little. but now were talking about cracking brew. Now if we can find a reference point, commando's friend may be of assistance.

    Commando, do you think you could possibly find out where he found the cracks in bitpim on the dare or versa? They have similar filesystems.
  • I'll ask. O. And for anyone thinking it's dsnid3r, I can reassure u it's not. Lol. I would gag myself before that.
  • God, The thought of him is like rubbing salt and pouring a gallon of lemonade into the gaping wound I just got by cutting off my leg.
  • LOL. THat was hillarious. When i get home from work, im gonna copy the whole filesystem and send it to him. We'll see where that takes us.
  • Thanks man. Im currently in the process of making doodle jump for the Touch, using the accelerometer :)

    Also, How come none of us ever tried adding apps to the menu? We just needed to add buttons, like we do on the wallpaper. We could be using this to a greater avail.
  • what do you mean apps?
  • Like andervils wallpaper where there is an app sections and it say zippo and something else, we can add buttons to the menu that when clicked, go to an app such as doodlejump, zippo lighter, etc.
  • Ok. And they would just run as the wallpaper,right? I thought you were talking about like vz nav or mobile email.
  • No, theyd run on the menu with the other icons [messaging, recent calls, vcast, etc]
  • Gooooood luck guys... Use all your brain power
  • Im just concerned about lagtime.....Adding icons would add that unless we can use our external cards like they did with the LG Cookie,
  • Is QPST something that can crack BREW?
  • i looked at qpst and have no idea what it does or how to get it to work.
  • I had a Qualcomm phone before this one. You needed qpst to do anything on it. bitpim wouldnt work.
  • Hmmm...the Touch is qualcomm but also works with bitpim haha
  • WHat exactly can QPST do for the touch?

    There's some info
  • I think our best bet is BitPim. and if your friend needs anything, just ask.
  • I sent him the file system and he said it'll take a bit to sort through it. He said for the Dare and versa, He had to put it in download mode to extract it to change stuff. Only problem is that I don't know how to extract any files from it. So I'm debating like meeting him halfway so he can do it.
  • You should meet him halfway. After all, you will become the ENVT guru if you manage to pull this off
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    Update edit:
    Oh no nothing. I'm just still hoping this will work out for the enV Touch.
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    Hahah what V2EnV

    Update edit:

    oh cool
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