Theme- Monster Energy Drink [Requested by: maggot]



+No Lag
+HD Monster Can Icons
+Home Button
+Free Download

Also, when you press the HOME button, there is a surprise ;)



  • ok love it but can i ask for a few little modifications like the bg being the monster logo and the cans diff colors for the diff apps they stand for? thatd be awesome but still like the theme thnx man
  • Definitely change the cans colours and it'd be cool if you changed the text to the font monster uses. This theme isn't for me but just putting in my suggestion to make it even better (for the people into it).
  • Nice bg at least....
  • Haha thanks, and guys I know this one sucks. I threw it together right before I left my house for 3 days. I'll make adjustments to it when I reach home.
  • awesome thnx lol i like it i just beleave there could be altercation to make it epic lol
  • I believe I can do the monster text, but Im not sure I get what you mean about the diff colors for apps???
  • the different colors for the application like the color of monster cans lol and the bg of the thingy the bigger grean monster logo
  • so do you have a update on this theme?
  • No, just got home. Ill try to get to it today
  • awesome thnx man btw ill be signing up for your site soon
  • Great to hear :)
  • edited July 2010
    maggot, the Monster font is nowhere to be found. If you can give me adownload link to the font, Ill use it. Ive searched everywhere

    closest ones i could find
  • the first one is fine thnx man
  • very new to this site but love this theme.. now how do I get it on my phone?
  • wellm i downloaded all the programs i needed and i have started making my own themes atm my phone has a flash clock monster wallpaper theme and my meny theme also has the monster logo and has transperant icons no lag and easily read unless u cant read small font them sucks cuz its awesomely sexy i will be getting pictures and downlaodable links soon as i am able to use the interenet on my laptop witch will be a couple of months i have also made a spitfire thme
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