"Write Script!" when trying to view My PIctures

I have flashed my env touch vx11000 from Verizon to Cricket (talk and text) with no problem. When editing the filedb file to try and get WAP to work, it went into a continuous loop when restarting. I tried to fix this with lgnpst by reinstalling the bin file version 08. Then my MEID went to all zeros. I got it back by using LG Meid changer. And again updated bin file v08, and again flashed with the Cricket PRL. Now when I try to access MY Pictures I get an error "Write Script!" and it takes me back to the home page. I also can't get WAP or MMS working. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • Hahah honestly, by this point, Id "accidently" brick the phone and just have verizon/cricket or whatever send you a new one. They will send you a new one, they don't really care or check how you bricked it.
  • I dont think that is an option to send it back to Verizon since my account is canceled now that I switched to Cricket.
  • Mine is on KV11 and it is also doing this. How do i view my photos now? im leaving on a trip in 3 days and i dont have tome or money to take it to verizon
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