FREE Adobe Flash CS3 PRO and Flash Decompiler Trillix/SoThink SWF Decompiler!

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Copy&Pasted from EnVTouchThemes:

Thought that I'd help out the new themers by posting full versions of Flash Decompiler Trillix, SoThink SWF Decompiler, and ADOBE FLASH CS3 PORTABLE!

SoThink SWF Decompiler:

Serial Name: S1ash
Serial #: 031HGN-G6PHN5-646ZC3-K5T2RE-AW G5XW-6VMTU0-P9UZV8-UZ77YE-1DN9 2W-PCRMH7-B6QK52-MEH05T

Flash Decompiler Trillix:


Serial Name: ArmaCrew
Serial #: In Download

Adobe Flash CS3 Pro/Portable:

[Install This Demo First]

[After installing, take all the files in this .ZIP archive, and put them in a folder you create called flash in this place: "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3"]

Serial Name: Not Needed
Serial #: Not Needed


  • Are these legal copies of software?
  • Define legal....
  • The companies that produce this software would not consider it illegal,stolen,pirated , or have a cause to start a legal war with you or this site.
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    Technically it is illegal, for sharing serials is against TOS, but however they cannot pick up on this because of the ability to install the software on as many computers as wanted. Ive used these for 5 months now fine. They would not find this site, because these free serials are from youtube, etc. So we are not at blame for starting it. Plus, It's hard as s**t to find this site unless you are looking to hack an env touch hahah
  • Alright well just please keep it ethical and don't abuse it too much.
  • The sothink swf decompiler doesnt work. Downloaded it and it says error.
  • ... ur pretty much cracking the adobe cs3 to last forever arent u? because of that its considered warez... well i guess if ur only linking to the download then its fine... but i dunno... dont want to get this site effed
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