The Official EnV Touch Dictionary of Words

##LGSERVICEMENU- A popular code entered on the ENVT to view the phones factory settings menu

##PROGRAM11000- A popular code entered on the ENVT to view other parts of the factory settings menu

3.2 Megapixel Camera - The camera equipped on the ENVT

3.5mm Headphone Jack- The ENVT comes with a headphone jack that supports most commonly used headphone jack sizes, such as ipod headphones.

480 x 800- The size of the ENVTs external screen and internal screen

Accelerometer- The feature within the ENVT that allows games like "NFS: Underground" to run based on movements of the mobile device.

Adobe CS3 Pro/Portable - A common program used by themers to edit .SWF files

Adobe CS4 Pro/Portable - A more stable version of CS3, with a few more features

Auto Focus- The ENVT comes with an Auto Focus feature, that will focus in on the main subject without any buttons needed to be pressed

Battery- A main problem and innovation for the ENVT. Default battery is very poor, but using a simple hack can make it last up to 1 week on a single charge

BitPim - The most common program used for viewing the phone's FileSystem. Is a main part in the theme hack.

Blue Inspiration - The original theme on the Touch that is .SWF format, and allows for the theme hack [see topSclassType1Sub]

Bluetooth®- Like on every phone, the ENVT contains Bluetooth® connectivity

BREW-(Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) is an application development platform created by QUALCOMM, originally for CDMA mobile phones, but GSM is now also supported.

Browser - Used when talking about the ENVT's mobile browser, Polaris 7 for V08^, or Obigo for V07 ↓

Brick [-ed, -ing] - Makes your phone unsusable in some sense that is not fixable, usually occuring due to changing phone files too much

Camera Self Portrait Hack- A hack allowing you to use the external screen working when facing you when taking a photo

cmrmotoboy - One of the most recognized themers, replicated many popular phone menus.

Document Viewer- A tool that allows the ENVT to read .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, & .txt files

Dolby® Mobile- A sound equalizer by Dolby placed in the ENVT for enhanced sound

DUN. Hack - A hack that allows your phone to act as a modem for your laptop. Created by rosserm - The most popular forum regarding the ENVT.

EnV - A series of phones including the EnV, EnV 2, EnV 3, and the EnV Touch

EnV Touch - The thing we are all here for

External- Usually refers to the outside screen of the ENVT. [see External Memory]

External Memory- Refers to memory not within the ENVT, such as the microSD card [See microSD, USB Mass Storage]

EVDO Service- Evolution-Data Optimized or Evolution-Data only, abbreviated as EV-DO or EVDO and often EV, is a 3G telecommunications standard for the wireless transmission of data through radio signals, typically for broadband Internet access

EZ Tip Calculator- The SWF tip calculator on the ENVT. This may be hacked to play games through BitPim

FileSystem- An option on BitPim [see BitPim] that allows for viewing of the ENVT's files

Flash- The main object used for themeing, [2] the ENVT's support of SWF files

Flash Decompiler- A program used to extract the images on an SWF for editing in Adobe Flash

Games- Downloadable from the Media Center on the ENVT, or on the computer. [2] SWF Games hacked onto the ENVT

Hack- A term used to describe when something has been altered from its original state on the touch to do something more effective/cooler

HTML Web Browsing- The type of browsing on the ENVT that lets you view more pages in fully functionally HTML

Internal Memory- The memory that comes as default with the phone, decreases with added photos, videos, & messages

LG- The company that created the ENV series, Including the ENVT

LG Mobile Updater- Through this program, you can upgrade to the latest firmware for your ENVT

LG Outlook Sync- A program used as a utility to synchronize your MS Outlook data with your ENVT

microSD- Like many other phones, the ENVT has an external memory option with microSD, and up to 16 GB of external memory

OTA Software Update- The ENVT comes with an OTA Software Updater which allows you to upgrade your software version to the latest edition.

QPST -QPST (Qualcomm Product Support Tool) is an application developed by Qualcomm for cellular phones that feature Qualcomm chipsets. It features a file explorer, factory test tools, low level communication settings, RF calibration tools, roaming list editor, service programming tool, and more.

QUALCOMM- A wireless telecommunications research and development company, as well as the largest fabless chip supplier in the world, based in San Diego, California.

topSclassType1Sub- The flash file on the ENVT that is for the theme "Blue Inspiration". This file is edited in Adobe flash to create themes.


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    Touch Screen- The ENVT comes with not only an internal screen, but as well as an external touch screen.

    VeriSign- A technology company that specializes in data encryption and e-commerce. One of the more popular companies for certifying that a website is secure and encrypted. The ENVT's internet browser is VeriSign protected.
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