Introducing Myself

Hello, everybody. My name is Jason Purp. I'm a very respected modder/hacker on (a popular modding website for video game consoles) and I'm (obviously) an enV Touch owner. I know a decent amount about the phone but I can learn much more, so I'll be staying active and I'll try my best to learn what I can and help who I can.


  • Welcome, Jason.
    Lots of cool people on this site and it looks like we have an addition!

    Some questions for ya:
    I'm buying a 360 Elite off of a friend for cheap, his younger brother played Halo2 in MLG and was sponsored by gamestop so he got free stuff and he decided to sell me a 360 for freakin cheap. Anyways, I was wondering if it was worth modding the 360 to play *cough* my own backup of games. I hear that if you go on XBL with a modded XBox you can get it banned from Live. Another question: is it possible to softmod a 360 at home and is it easy?
  • Well, here's the thing. There are two different kinds of 360 mods. Flashing it, which is what you're referring to. Flashing takes a lot of time, followed by even MORE time to download the games to your computer and then burn them to a CD. No matter what, you will get banned eventually, but if you take extra steps to stealth patch when burning CDs, you can prevent your ban for a few more weeks. The second way of modding the 360 is called a "J TAG" mod. This is the most popular, especially at this moment. This mod requires an Xbox with the old Dashboard, and like a flashed Xbox, lots of time to complete. However, once you've done it, you can download games and play them from a USB Flash Drive within 5 minutes, and mod basically anything in the game if you have coding knowledge. The down side to this is that since people use this sort of mod for tenth prestige lobbies in Modern Warfare 2, people caught on to it pretty fast, and J TAG'ed consoles only last online for about 2-3 hours before getting banned, unless you buy a "key vault" for $300, which I'm not gonna get in to. Both of the mods let you play games weeks before release, but the J TAG mod lets you do it faster. If you wanna know more, just tell me and we can talk about it some place else. Sorry if this is hard to understand.
  • hey thanks for the info. so pretty much i'll get banned sooner or later unless i mess with the KV (which i dont want to hassle myself with). thanks again man. i dont think im going to xbl anyways cuz my current isp is terrible.
  • No problem, bro.
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