The Big List of enV Touch Hacks

As we accumulate useful enV Touch tutorials and guides, I'll update this list with links to new threads. Please post below if I've missed any good, unique ones.

Last Update: March 31, 2010

Customize your enV Touch:
add custom ringtones:
make custom wallpapers:
custom homemade themes by forum members:

Send Music to your phone via Mac Bluetooth:
Resume audiobooks from where you left off:
Convert videos to play on the Touch: see also:
Stream Music with Online Radio:
How to Organize Photos:

How to Record Phone Calls:
Log into voicemail automatically:

Hack' VZ Navigator and other subscription Apps:
Put Flash Games on your enV Touch for Free:

Use enV Touch as a wireless modem for your laptop with DUN:
Changing WAP Settings (for free browsing...?):

Use your enV Touch as a flashlight:
Copy and paste text:
How to backup text messages to your computer:

Advanced Hacking:
Access the Service Menu: (Be careful with this! It is probably possible to brick your phone.)
How to use BitPim with the enV Touch:
Recalibrate the Proximity Sensor: (only needed if you're having problems with sensor)

Updating to V09 from ANY Version:


  • o wow that helps me... NONE
  • lars: feel free to contribute any tutorials you find helpful.
  • Great site, just curious if this is the same Andy who ran the lg vx8300 tips tricks and hacks blog. I had the vx8300 until the touch came out and used the info in the other blog to do some really cool things w/ my old phone. Let's hope bitpim becomes compatible soon with the env touch.
  • Justchillin: You figured me out. :) Hope this forum turns out to be as helpful as the old VX8300 blog.
  • I got the enV touch and the battery was HORRIBLE! It barely lasted a day. I spoke to Verizon and they said to only chage the phone when it is fully dead and it shuts off. He also said when it shut off keep turning it on and off until it cant turn on anymore... So thats what i did and now my phone lasts 2-3 days :)
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    Very useful information here. Thank You
  • Same battery problem here. Still doesn't last more than a day. I'm going to buy an extra battery from Amazon and support the site.
  • Hmm, the advice gio529 got is surprising. I was looking through a while back, and it basically says that lithium ion batteries in general prefer small discharge/charge cycles. It also goes on to say that being on either side of the spectrum, either fully charged or fully empty, is bad too. Maybe since these batteries are lithium-ion polymer batteries they're different than what I saw on that site, but I would be more inclined to think that the service rep gio got isn't right.
  • This is a cool site... i just got a env touch and already tried out a couple of these (hax) usefull resources.. Verizon is way overpriced for most of there stuff..i.e 2.99 ringtones. I found your tutorial on putting your mp3s in the sound folder on your memory stick and it works fine. Now no more paying for ringtones. Can someone figure out how to hack the ringback tones? That would be awsome
  • fyi- so far these tricks work with the env3 as well, with different drivers and choosing env2 in bitpim (env3 is not there)

    maybe if I have some spare time I will attempt to look at messing with the bitpim source.

    I don't see huge need for touch screen at the cost of killing your battery... my env3 is still at 4 bars after a day of messing with things online.
  • quick question......(i read the great copy paste trick...did not know!).....anyhow, is there a way to receive/send word/excel documents via email?? i figured since there was a document viewer and all.....thanks!!!!
  • afaik the only way to get documents on the phone to read is a usb or memory card transfer. This is one of the main features that separates smartphones from "dumb"phones. Smartphones are able to open email attachments while we are not.
  • ^ lol @ dumb phone.
    There's soo many little things about this phone that piss me off. The fact that you can't open a doc without having it saved on your phone 1st, is one of them.
  • im new to the site but i just downloaded the bitpim and it wont find my phone or anything it says no phone detected. i did the usb settings n my env touch but it wont find my phone , can anyone help me ?
  • Glad you liked the copy/paste trick, lars!

    I'm not that old (43), although I am sure many of the whippersnappers using the Touch would beg to differ. But I recall when a phone was this big black celluloid thing with a very loud ring (like a retro ringtone but way louder). It didn't have a calculator or a web browser, and you know, it couldn't open documents at all. But people didn't get pissed at it.

    I think the Touch kicks ass! And you can make it do anything you want if you have enough spare time and technical acumen. It's not technically a "smartphone". I'd like to clarify that a smartphone is basically a phone with an integrated GUI-based operating system, like windows mobile, or the iPhone's OS, or the Blackberry OS. A side effect of having an integrated OS is that it acts more like the PCs we are familiar with, doing things like opening email attachments, for example, and being able to directly browse the file system. But the touch is a programmable computer with a more compact kernel OS. It can still be made to do anything the other phones can do, but someone has to write or modify a program for the phone to make it do that.
    Anyway, can you imagine what Johnny Von Neumann would have thought if he could have seen one of these? I think complaints are, while not the best part of the forums, certainly the funniest. So thanks for the laughs, I'm sure there will be plenty more to laugh at. But please folks, we are here to form a community and get the most we can out of this phone, not to rant about its apparent limitations. Nothing is perfect, but "we build the steps on which we rise..."
    I love being able to walk into a big hardware store, forget the brand of what I wanted, and just get out my phone and google it. I basically have the resources of the entire internet at my disposal all the time. I can check online forums anywhere. I'm never bored waiting anywhere anymore. I just get out the phone. I've become quite the thumb typist with this thing.
    My wife and I went to a Greenday concert last week and when everyone lit their lighters or held up their lit cell screens, I started the flashlight hack and held up the Touch. Damn I have fun with this phone.
    miketr, on my PC with a 2.5 gig connection thanks to the DUN hack, signing off.
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  • i wanna do all of these cool just waaaaay too scared im gonna mess up
  • This is great. Thanks guys.
  • @ANDY
    is it possible to change the wap settings on the phone with bitpim and use the internet on the phone without having to pay or get data charges?
    if possible please look into it..i tried myself but had no luck...
  • is there anything that can increase the text message space to more than 250?
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  • here is one I really wish could be done. Is there any way when you take a picture and you open the front screen that both the internal and external screen show what the camera is seeing?
  • Andy! I'm glad there are people like you in the world who are able to put up these pages so that I can be lazy and mooch off your hard work!

    I read the posts above, and I must say, I do remember you from the vx8300 pages, I guess we know which phone company is worth sticking with
  • Guys add this to the hack list...i actually got internet on my phone
    just follow these quick steps
    1) use bitpim to unlock the editing for ##program11000
    2) downlaod this proxy finder
    3) click start on the program...after u choose which proxy to use...i recommend the ones with port 80...just change your phones proxy address and port to anyone from the list on the prgram..change the port..ports are listed next to the port address....afterwards open up the internet..and viola!
  • Help!
    I'm usually not this careless but in the freenzy of trying out a new theme I did not backup the original theme and I need to get the original topSclassType1Sub.swf file back? Can somebody post this? I saw that somebody else made the same mistake in this discussion and a helpful person posted the file... can you do this again please? Also where can I find the iphone theme?

  • yea i can help you...if u want give me ur email and i can send it to you..i have most of the files from the phone backed up..if u dont want to do it via email..i can provide you the link where you can download it...someone else on the forum posted a link to an outside source...and if u want the iphone theme here is the link....
  • am_envtouch, thanks so much for the help. Can you post it somewhere from where I can just download it? That would be great. Thanks for the link to the themes. I must have missed the iphone theme the first time around. I guess it only modifies the settings screen and none of the other screen?
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    If any of you have a solution to the calendar alert ringing incessantly - please post. If you are not next to the phone to turn it off, it keeps going and going and going. Would love to have a calendar alert DEFAULT ringtone of OFF. Can't change them all, only one by one. Thanks.
  • am_envtouch,

    Could you walk me through how to get free internet on the phone? This sounds way way too good to be true or legit. I've never used bitpim before. My e-mail is if you'd prefer to do it that way. Thanks!
  • hey guys im having trouble tethering at all and after researching, still unsure how to get this to work...under device mgr i have "lge cdma usb serial port (com 12)" at 115200 bps with the lg driver version , and the modem driver "lge cdma usb modem" using (com 11), and the "lge cdma composite usb device" under universal serial bus controllers.
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