Photo Editing Contest?

I was thinking, what if we had a contest to edit the EnV touch so it looks different in some way, such as a "droid got ported" or stuff like that. whoever creates the coolest and best looking photo work wins.

These 2 pics are the ones allowed for editing:

or both in 1:

Im gonna post entries in this thread, and at the end, well vote!

Start working.


  • @ Cody
  • In all seriousness, it takes absolutely no skill to manipulate the screen of an enV Touch -- it's a rectangle. You can paste anything into it. I'd be more interested if you said to try to redesign the phone....
  • Not only that, but you'll never know if people just stole pictures from somebody else.
  • These pictures will just make me feel bad. That Htc OS looks good on it. Just too bad it's not possible.
  • You can redesign it if you want. I didnt just mean only the screen
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