iphone 4 theme

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is there a iphone 4 theme and were do u get it


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    You can get it from me :) I have the iphone 3G theme and 4G theme and they are the best iphone themes you can get. You can find them here: http://www.envtouch.org/discussion/1862/the-best-iphone-3g-4g-themes-for-your-lg-env-touch-lgcustomthemes/#Item_1
  • orrrrrrrrr you could just buy the legit iphone next month :D
  • If your 1. Desperately in love with the iPhone to the point that you would well your life to buy it, afford the data plan, and have it outdated in 5 months. and 2. if which you love Apple too much. So no, I will but buy the "Ligit" iPhone 4 next month.
  • Well you are quite the silly goose! I did not realize that I had to be "desperately in love with the iPhone" in order to buy one! Because guess what! The Env Touch is outdated about 20 months! And I highly doubt the iPhone 5 will be released onto Verizon as early as AT&T's will. So why don't you just chill, k?
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