Hello all!
I have had my enV touch for about a year now and just stumbled across this forum today so I thought I'd give it a shot.


  • hello sammydog151! i am thinking about getting an envy touch next month on the 15th when my contract is up. i hope they are good phones because i think i really want one. have you had any problems with yours? thanks. any info on this phone would be very much appreciated!
  • Sorry for the late reply. I don't check this site often. Anyways, overall the phone in my opinion is good for the money. I've had two enV touches and they both worked for what I used them for (texting and calling). I wouldn't recommend it for the internet. The only problems I've had with both of mine is if I get three or more messages at once it seems to always shut off and the battery life isn't long at all. If your looking for a phone that you can text on easily, call people easily on, and stay in touch with your friends easily, I think this is your best bet for the price.
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