Silicone Cases

I just purchased a black silicon case from a local store for my enV touch and it seems to be an ok case for $5. It seems to stay on the phone well and protects it from scratches just like I wanted. The only problem so far is that I cannot see the internal keyboard keys unless I am in direct light. I was wondering if anybody has a better silicone case recommendation for me. I have been looking into the verison version of it because of its white letters. I am looking forward to some good comments. Thanks.


  • I used to have the Verizon silicon case, but I didn't use it for too long. The letters on the keys are nice, but if you're a heavy keyboard user, they can start to fade and scratch off. I didn't have this problem too much, but I only used the case for about a month.
  • I used to have the silicone case too, but it drove me crazy. When I type, I usually slide my fingers across keyboard, so I was pressing the wrong letters.
  • the key to this is text so much that you dont even think when you text and without looking at your phone so you can be doing three other things while texing absent mindedly
  • Thanks for the comments. Guess I'll just use the one I have for awhile and see how it goes.
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