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hello i have a blackberry pearl that i am using right now that has google talk on it and i just love it because that is the way i talk to my hubby. anyways i am thinking about getting an envy touch next month since my contract is up. i am just wondering is there a way to get google talk on the envy? i am trying to learn all i can about the envy before purchasing it.


  • There is and its called iskoot and it has a Google talk client in it, however I am unsure if it would he adequate for you, I suggest playing around with one of these devices in store before a purchase, you may also want to look at any of the Android devices as they are directly tied into goggles services.
  • thanks for your advice i will also look at others as well. my hubby has the droid so his has google talk as well so trying to get something that has the same stuff as the droid if i don't get a droid..ha. make sense?
  • were do i get iskoot
  • yes i want to know too so that if i do get the envy i can get that as well. do you know if the droid can get that too? if i do get this app then my hubby can get it as well if he can get it on his droid. thanks.
  • Droid at the moment does not have Iskoot but it is available in the Verizon store to download if you just search it.
    Mindy keep in mind there are now about to be 4 DROID devices on the Verizon market, each a bit different but still way amped up. Take a look at the DROID X which features a large screen or the DROID Incredible (I have it, and love it) which is powerful with 1GHZ processor plus extra ram, or the DROID 2 (about to hit stores soon) which is just based off the DROID (which I'm sure your familiar with) but way more beefed up, and he would be able to talk to you through the gtalk client to iskoot client.
  • klineaj-thanks for the advice!
  • no problem!
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    A little late to this thread but I thought I would share my experience the iskoot software. It's called "Social Beat" and lets you log into Gmail, Google Talk, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and view rss feeds. I have only been using it for a day or two, but it seems to work well. You can sign in and minimize the program, leaving it running in the background. An alert screen will pop up telling you that you have new content. As mentioned above it can be downloaded from the browse & download section of media center - there was no charge for the software when I got it. According to the information given wen you install it, the program uses data, unlike the IM program which uses texting. You should prob confirm this if you don't have unlimited plans.

    As mentioned haven't used this software long, but I am curious to see how the phone handles an app running in the background over time as the touch seems to have memory issues. My phone did not seem to like to run the mobile IM program (for MSN, Yahoo, Aim) for too long. As for Social Beat's ease of use, so far so good.
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