Hello there my name is MindyI don't have the envy touch yet but I am planning on getting it next month because my contract is up. I am wanting to know everything there is about this phone before getting it even if it is bad! I need ya'll to help me make up my mind if I need to get this envy touch phone or a different one. Please help me! Thanks!


  • Welcome to our site and our members will be happy to help you with your decision!
  • I think it is the best Feature phone that verizon has.If you are not into paying the $30 data ,then this is the way to go.I have the 25mb plan and i love the browser.I mean i know there is better out there but u can get the phone dirt cheap.if you are big into texting,then thats another plus for the Touch.it has a very spacious keypad..Good luck..
  • KlineAJ-Thanks for the warm welcome! I have found alot of answer to my questions on here! Thanks to everyone!

    Ceztheday-thanks so much for your info on this phone. my friend has this phone and i have played around with hers but she doesn't have the internet so that is really what i wanted to play around with because if i get this phone i would stay with the 30 dollar plan i have now for the data package. but playing with hers i loved it so far but only played with it for like ten minutes so i needed longer...ha. anyways thanks again!
  • Oh,you already have the $30 data plan.That would change MY thought on what phone to get.I would go with A smartphone.U said your up for an upgrade.You should a good deal on like an HTC INCREDIBLE..thats just my thought..
  • yeah i already have the 30 dollar plan so it wouldn't be a problem. just need to choose a phone and thats it all i have to do is buy one or get one free. whichever is fine with me. yeah my upgrade is up on september 15th so not too long to go..ha. just gotta make up my mind before then..ha. thanks.
  • I have the HTC DROID Incredible and its truly awesome.
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