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Hey - weird place for me as I am sort of an anti-cellphone person , but here I am. I have used the original Env for the last 4 years, loved it but someone actually stole it the other day (who steals a phone that old).
Main thing I used it for was obviously the phone (we dropped our land line 4 years ago) and when needed, Navigator - which I had hacked so was free.
Wife just picked up a Droid X and I did have a bit of phone jealousy since she has the unlimited data plan, so I bit the dust and got the Touch, figuring I did not need unlimited data as my main use will again be Navigator, but now I will be able to surf a little when I am out and about. Will probably go ahead and set it up for my pop3 mail, is about it. I am retired, disabled vet, so am home most of the time, able to use my home computers......I am probably one of the handful of people in the world who does not use myspace or facebook - family thinks I am strange. Don't get me wrong, I am a tech loving guy, but I prefer to keep my personal life to myself.
Basically here to makes sure I get as much out of the Touch as I can, won't be here until Tuesday as I ordered after 4:30 Friday. Plan is to hack navigator and DUN, from there not really sure what else I need.
Love the tips on long battery usage (the original env was awesome in this regard). Looking forward to and appreciate the hacks, tips etc everyone posts.


  • You should update it to v9, update it's browser, Polaris is way better! Then perhaps install some custom themes/wallpapers. Not sure about battery life... It already has great battery life imo if the browser isn't heavily used.
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