Phone turns off unexpectedly

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Recently my env touch has been turning itself off unexpectedly. It has been updated to the latest firmware by Verizon and otherwise works quite well, but since I use it for work turning off by itself is not OK. Is this a known issue? Any suggested fixes? TIA


  • Did you even bother to look at the front page of topics?
  • Sorry, I should have checked existing posts first. I see now there are already two threads about this problem. Unfortunately no one seems to have a solution....?
  • There honestly isn't one.
  • solution: replace with almost seems like these phones are built to last 1 yr

    too bad i signed up for the 2 yr contract...only 8 more months to go
  • i signed up for the 2 year contract too (last july). but for some reason, according to 'my verizon' it says my contract ends this october (but my 2 years are up next july). so im going to print out the 'my verizon' page, and go to verizon with it and say bye bye with no early termination fee. i know theyll give me shit, but its their systems fault for saying my contract is up in october...and as far as im concerned...they should honor it.
    check ur my verizon under 'my plan' and see if your ends early too.
  • i have seen posts else where that say the batt issue is a design flaw that makes the connection loose and the phone shuts down due to a momentary break in the connection. A piece of card stock paper wedged between the phone and batt opposite the connectors supposedly will "fix" the issue, although i havnt personally tried it yet.
  • I was just at the Verizon store last night, the manager was very smart and said this is a known problem with all Env Touches and some Env 3's. They have a bridge that they have to put in by the batter connectors. He installed it for free, no questions asked, phone is not under any warranty either. It is find now, hasn't done it since and used to do it all the time. Take it in and they should hook you up. He said the batter connectors become pushed in due to pressure being put on the battery in a pocket or purse.
  • Do you have a picture of this "bridge" or can you get a photo of this so we can see what it is exactly you are talking about. I went to my VZW sore today and they looked at me like I was smoking crack. They had never heard of such a thing. I got back to the office and called another place I go to sometimes and they had not heard of it either.
  • I've noticed that since I've stopped wearing shorts and started wearing jeans, that my phone hasn't been shutting itself off. My jeans tend to hold the phone up against my leg and hold it still. In shorts it could move around more and would shut off regularly. This leads me to believe that either the off button was getting bumped and held long enough to shut it off, or maybe the loose battery thing is true.

    Maybe I'll stop in a shop and ask about this bridge....
  • I just went in to my Verizon store and they are going to send me a replacement phone. They had never heard of it either, but to my phones credit it turned off 3 times while they were looking at it. We'll see how the new one works out...
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