Customer Service just isn't cutting it at Verizon

So, tuesday a new phone came (samsung reality) to try, since the Env Touches they keep sending aren't lasting more then 5 days. Tuesday I got just the phone. No battery/back to phone/charger. I call nicely and they said they are overnighting it to me. Wednesday, nothing comes so I call them again. They apoligize and said they changed my order to 2 day (Why?). Today, Fedex comes, verizon ONLY sent the back to phone and canceled orders for battery and charger. Verizon then sends me to my local verizon store (30 miles from me) to get these accessories. They don't have them in stock. I come home, call a supervisisor who really could care less about any of this it seems. Says he is overnighting me a battery. I have been home 4 days out of 5 already this week dealing with FedEx. Tomorrow makes 5, do they realize people have lives? At this point, I am so angry with them I am seriously considering leaving them at the end of my contract. Yes they are nice on the phone, but they just don't know what they are doing.

There, that feels better to get it out!


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    this is the worst i heard about verizon. if u do end up choosing a different carrier, definitely do not go for at&t. i would suggest sprint
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