Mobile email vs. mobile e-mail

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A weeks weeks ago I found a new app called Mobile e-mail. It was much better than the old mobile email. I had to get another touch this week and now that app is gone. The new mobile e-mail allowed use of the microsoft exchange server. According to the Verizon media store the only phone this new app is avialbale on is the LG VX 5500. anyone know why this app no longer exisits on the touch? I've tried updating the mobile email to see if it was the same thing but it's not. Anyone know the platform I.D. for the VX5500 so I can get this app?


  • I never saw the new one but I hear it has a lot of problems so they pulled it out
  • yes. it is not working good in my mobile too..
  • The new version was pulled because of many problems occurring with the enV Touch, most notably the device will always consistently connect to the network to check for new updates. The battery would be drained in less than 2 hours. The new version did include Microsoft Exchange support as well as attachment support (file handler only, could not view them).
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