New software VX11KV11 out now!

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New firmware VX11KV11 is now out for over the air download. Hopefully this fixes the dreaded reboot issue of the enV Touch.


  • Uh-h-h-h, . . . you, first!
  • I am downloading it now, I didn't have any issues with the last update so I dont think my experiences with this new up date will be a good example for everyone
  • Well it's done, I'll let you know if it blows up.
  • So far so good. The new firmware downloaded and installed just as quickly as the previous version 10 firmware. With my phone version 10 firmware was always causing the reboot issue after a couple days so time will tell if this version is stable. Lets hope that LG didnt mess up this firmware too!
  • The mobile seems stable for now, but I will soon see if it still has a crash and reboot problem. I have not noticed any changes in performance so far, so I am thinking this is just a fix for that horrific Multimedia message reboot problem.

    BTW, I poked around my PROGRAM LG 11000 menu again and found something that looks to be new: W2BI - TEST SETTING.
    It has a disable and enable option, mine is currently set to off. Does anyone with a spare phone mind seeing what happens when you turn that on?

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  • @Gun Hog the W2BI - TESTING isn't new...
    It looks like it only puts a blue banner where the antenna signal and battery meter are, in the home screen.
  • I got the Verizon store to upgrade me the other day, thinking they'd give me 11. They gave me 10. I tried to get 11 via the OTA update, but it told me no update was available. A few hours later, my phone started powercycling. When I took it to Verizon, they told me that was a known issue with 10, but that they'd swap my phone for a new one (back at version 3.. which was what my phone originally had, because I hadn't updated.. because of chit like this). When I mentioned that it was an Asurion phone, he told me he couldn't swap it, I had to go through Asurion, which would take minimum 2 days to have one mailed to me. He told me there would be a new update on the 28th (yesterday), and this was on the 26th, so I figured it wasn't worth the hassle, I'd wait. I took it to a different Verizon store today, explained what had happened and that I wanted the newest software, and they told me I had to go to a DIFFERENT Verizon store (or the one I originally went to, which is 40 miles out of my way). I got fed up and left, so now I have to try to find either V11 or something pre-10 online and install it, or wait until I'm close to the other store next week. I don't miss the phone too much, but I've been doing a lot of motorcycle riding in this awesome weather, and I miss having my tunes. Plus, I should have it in case of emergency.
  • I am now downloading the new software. I never had the powercycle so im hoping all goes well.
  • just finished downloading. hope it doesnt blow up. People say that its only meant to fix the powercycle problem.
  • i just downloaded it... No problems so far
  • i have had my cell for a month now and it has been running great it had v09 software
    yesterday the updater said there was a update v11 and since i have not seen any neg feedback i let it do the update everything been fine with the upgrade so far the only thing i have had that was it did the upgrade in the afternoon and around 9 in the night it said there was a update again so i let it start to download it got to 40 % and said there was a lost network connection maybe it figure the update was already installed who knows other then that ,today everything been like i never did the update been running great
  • VZW tried pushing v11 onto my enVT, last night, and guess what? Second verse (v11), same as the first (v10): "Code 403" update error!

    I can only hope that v11's sole purpose is suppressing the v10 fiasco. Or are there other vital v11 features I ought to be concerned about missing?
  • Updated this afternoon with no problems. I was also lucky with the V10 upgrade in that I never had the constant reboot issues, so I don't know whether I will see a big difference. Glad to see LG is continuing to work on buggy issues. Now if they could reissue another email revision...
  • Imma gonna sit back and wait a few weeks to see if anyone's phone blows up before I dl it.
  • Mine was running great with 10. Read of problems with 11, so I figured I'd pass. The OTA updater worked on it's own! The dam thing never worked when I tried it. Now my external speaker doesn't work. Not sure about recycling yet. I think I want Droid.
  • I had upgraded to v10 before reading about the reboot issues. It worked fine for me, didn't really notice a difference from v09. I did the v11 OTA update lst night and had the same result: works fine as far as I can tell, and I can't really notice a difference. I thought there might be a battery issue, as I seemed to notice my charge not lasting as long. I still don't know about that, but it's probably just my old battery from last year.
  • Based on the stories I've been really lucky with my phone. I've upgraded from the original build (3?) to 9, 10 and 11 without problems. I've only experienced spontaneous shutdowns and reboots once or twice. More generally I wonder why the outcomes are so unpredictable? And by the way, does anyone know what v11 is supposed to do/add/fix? :-)
  • I did it. Got a little nervous when it restarted my phone because the Verizon logo hung on my phone for far longer than it usually does, but then it started moving and it started up.

    Went to start the browser to see if it worked and I got the "you cannot make or receive calls including 911 during this update..." message again and I thought, "oh no!" but I tapped 'okay' and it went back to the desktop. I tried again and it went straight to the browser.

    So I *think* everything is fine...
  • I got the OTA download, a bit weary, so I defered it a few times, came back from a break to find my phone decided to upgrade anyways, and of course, it turned off during it, i let it sit for a good hour, and it's bricked now. So I'm going to have fun at the verizon store tomorrow again, and figuring out what the hell to do with this, because the same thing happened upgrading to V9. Anyone know a way to reset it and possibly unbrick it?
  • So I have been trying for 3 days to no avail to update my touch. Every time the update fails, giving the error code: 403. I have uninstalled mobile-email, and most of my other apps, and made sure my phone was not sending or receiving data when I start the update. But no luck, it will download it to 100%, then require me to press okay befpore it updates. It will then go into 'airplane mode" (A phone with a slash through it on top of screen), and start Checking the Phone. At this step it never gets past 0%, but rather
    flashes to a screen that says update failed, phone will now restart to complete update. And when I look into update status later it says,
    Status: Update failed
    Code: 403
    I would really appreciate any help on this as I really want to update. An afterthought, the installed "apps", for want of a better word are:
    Backup assistant
    Chaperone Child
    Mobile Email (old)
    VZ Navigator
    Visual Voicemail
    Corporate Mail
    *The latter 3 have no option for uninstalling.
  • I have VX11KV07 what is the latest one out? people are saying v11? do i need v8 v9 v10 v11? if so where can i download them? i check the over the air but it says it's up to date.
  • kylemichael15

    V11 is the newests version your ll have to go to verizon because you have V7 you have to have V9 for the phone to do it over the air
    and a update on my cell with V11 it has been a week now and the my cell is working great with V11
  • @mrgogabyte I have v9 and have not been able to get it to work for over a week^^^ Any suggestions?
  • My wife's friend has the the enV Touch and she was having the same problems as you upgrading. She took her phone to a Verizon store and they installed 10 on the phone. She then updated it to 11 on her own
  • if your having problems getting the update i would go to verizon i was lucky i had v09 and it updated with no problem to v11 and cell been working just as good as when v09 was in it
  • V11 my phone still resets while exiting the internet. However, not nearly as often. But the phone still turns off without warning.
  • well after 2 weeks my mobile im application disappeared and i can't get it back
  • Yea now my phone with the pushed v11 firmware is starting give me more frequent resets when entering and exiting the browser. What continued fun!
  • I just checked, and at some point my phone auto updated from 10 to 11, I never noticed it. I have only one issue, and this might be weird, but the GPS indicator at the top is on, constantly, along with the arrows that indicate sending/receiving date. I have GPS on my phone set to E911 only, because I don't pay for VZW Navigator, and the GPS just drains battery. Also, it may just have been awhile since I tried this, but I can't find the GPS settings for the phone ANYWHERE under settings. So now my GPS is on non-stop which makes me angry cuz it drains battery, and makes me a little sketched out, AND I can't figure out how to turn it off.
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