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Verizon recently changed there data plans. It is no longer required. Also the options now are $15 for 150MB or $29 for unlimited for regular phones or smart phones. Will you be upgrading your data?

I decided too, for the ease of not really having to worry any longer about data. Its easy to use up 25mb.


  • I'm easily over 150mb just using the Polaris browser on my touch. I do a lot of surfing and youtubing. Maybe good if all you do is check e-mail, but I can't imagine that being near enough for most people. So $29 a month is still my only real option if I want to upgrade.

    The touch isn't that bad..... I don't need Android.....
  • I have Vpak, so my package is not going to change. lol
  • just switched from the 25MB to the 150 MB. made sure the dude backdated so i can enjoy what ive been missing out. good bye stupid 25MB plan. finally verizon catches up with the world.
  • Lol, thank god I got this phone when unlimited internet was $10.
  • $10 is all that I need too (for unlimited). I was thinking of buying an Android phone outright, so that I do not have to get the smart phone plan, but that will be a while from now.
  • Noneya, I too have the Vpak plan of $10.00 grandfathered into my plan with the Touch when they changed the plans, but when I inquired about an Android, they told me that my plan will need to change to the current new one's to use an Android phone. So the Vpak plan is only good for the kind of phones we have with the services we have. Stinks.
  • pxeeks, not if you buy the phone outright. If you get the discounted phone through them, yes you have to change the plan.
  • I too have the unlimited plan for only $10. The problem is that I might want a smartphone one day and there will probably be no way to keep my old plan with a new smartphone. They will probably require that I select the newer plan.

    Old family plan for two phones that I have: 700 min + unlimited txt + unlimited data = $120

    If I were to get the new family plan with severe limits: 700 min + 250 txt + 150 mb = $110 for 2 phones

    If I were to get txt and data unlimited with the new plan = $160 for 2 phones!
  • I would seriously consider paying for a new phone outright if I could keep my current plan. I don't have the $10 data plan, my oldie includes unlimited data and messaging, with 450 minutes, with which I've never gone over.
  • Noneya I just ran across this thread and am curious about how you know you don't have to change your plan if you buy the phone outright. I was looking at getting the Ally, and asked verizon cs if I bought it outright would I have to change the plan? and they told me yes I would; I have the old 450 Connect plan with the unlimited data but they said it is only for the feature phones. I am just asking because I know Verizon CS will hide info. and I dont want to go and add the Ally and lose my Connect plan. I am not doubting you just doubting Verizon.
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