Accessories and 3rd party support

Accessory websites are slim for the Touch this early in it's lifetime, but are there (or will there be) any 3rd party applications or support available? What I mean by this is, will there be any downloadable applications comparable to Blackberry and iPhone? Obviously there won't be as many, but some would still be nice.


  • i dont know but they advertise it as "app friendly" so hopefully soon there can be something similar to the app store on AT&T from verizon
  • I just saw an add on tv for this phone with "hundreds of apps". Oh yeah Verizon, and where would I find all these apps?
  • exactly..... i'm kind of annoyed and i bet when these apps come out it'll be like 2.99 a month charge or something
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    Well this is a good start. Anyone who has ever had a Blackberry or other PDA/Smartphone can appreciate the ability to sync your phone to Outlook. Well, now the Touch can!!!

    And who wouldn't want a free firmware upgrade?
  • I couldn't get the Outlook to work. maybe I will start another thread about that.

    The upgrade said that my phone is on the newest version already.
  • As for accessories, do not get the black silicone cover for the Touch. The Shift and the Symbol keys were switched from the cover to the device, and there is no tab keys. Just make sure before you buy the cover from Verizon, look at it with the silicone cover off with the phone. I am still trying to return it.
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