Is downloading themes and selling illegal?? Please help!

edited November 2010 in enV Touch General
Okay, I transferred the Blackberry Storm menu to my enV touch, and sold the enV touch on eBay. I'm just a little bit concerned that the person who bought it is sketchy; like someone with the law or something-- I don't know. Is it illegal to sell it with that theme on it?? Please help and thank you!


  • I'm no lawyer but I don't see how that would be illegal.
  • It will for sure void your warranty and possibly cause Verizon to terminate your contract if they found out, but it's not illegal.
  • doood thats the most illegalest thing you could do!
  • It's not illegal to change mess with the files on your's yours.. It will only void the warranty like Cody said.
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