New Email App!

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Was goin thru GIN tonight and found another email update. seems identical to the one they took down the other week. Hopefully the constant data connection issue is fixed.


  • Thanks! I hadn't check for new stuff in a few days. I was hoping that they would bring that back. I preferred it over the one I have been using. I hate the beep of the "old" one. lol
  • does anyone else think its absolutely ridiculous that you can t save attachments to the my documents folder to view in the already provided doc viewer? why the my other folder? so dumb sorry for the rant and please post if there is a way i have not figured it out.
  • @ztouch: Yes. I believe this app was created for a later version of BREW than the enV Touch is loaded with.

    Interesting: Seems that the previous release of this app (the buggy Mobile Email app pulled down a few weeks ago) left some data files on my phone. When running the new version for the first time, it tried to open those old files with some success and quickly added the accounts. After seeing emails from late September on the screen, the phone immediately locks up and becomes unresponsive.

    I performed a hard-reset of the unit (battery removed and replaced) and the application works like normal (of course, it is fetching nearly 6 weeks of emails from multiple accounts which will take some time).
  • I think it still has the constant data connection problem
  • You're right, gabe. Its a serious pain for those of us using the DUN hack. Anyone have a good way of gettin around this problem and still have ur email retrieved automatically?
  • One noticeable change in the new app is the notification option now vibrates the phone instead of producing a very loud, annoying beep. That's an improvement. It would be even better if you could assign a sound, but I don't see that's possible.
  • In this new email app, my emails have a document I would like to view.

    If I click on the document to open (xls, doc, or pdf), I get the message "sorry, no viewer is available for this type of file, would you like to save it"?

    I can open those types of files that are already stored on my phone, any reason why I cant open them in the new email app?

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