Lost internet access!!!

I recently upgraded the version as far as v08 (v9 seems to be unavailable right now). Every step of the update went fine, but when trying to access the Web, the phone resets every time! Doesn't do this for any other feature, including email.

Can anyone suggest why, and how I fix it?


  • I upgraded to v09 using the tutorial here. I had to manually delete/remove the older browser, Obigo I think it's called, after that it worked fine. The upgrade added the Polaris browser but didn't delete the older one, and everytime you would attempt to open the browser it would shut down, I guess from trying to open both of the browsers on the touch at once. Use bitpim and see if there are two browsers in the folder. I don't know exactly where to tell you to look, I did this a few months ago and haven't been in bitpim since then.
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