How to Format phone?

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Quick question. Is there a way to fresh reformat the phone so its 'like new' software wise? If yes, please let me know where I can find it. I have a few days before the phone sells on ebay, and would like to clear everything quickly instead of going through it all.

nevermind. found it. thanks


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  • Also to provide an answer to those who care, you can reformat the phone in the security section of the settings.
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    First off i wasnt talking "smack" dumb@ss, and plus you said nevermind look at your post and next time dont try and be a douche
  • Please clarify the point that you were trying to make?
  • so how do you format the phone
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    Go to your Settings & Tools
    Go to Phone Settings
    Go to Security
    The phone unlock code should be the last 4 digits of your cell # if not try 0000
    Go to Restore Phone
    Click OK to continue

    But it was just explained..... so why am I even explaining?
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